Ideal Clients Defined: The Best Way to Focus Your Marketing Efforts

Ideal Client Defined

> An Ideal Client is one who suits your Ideal Practice.

> An Ideal Client is one who would benefit most from your particular skills.

> An Ideal Client is your path to happiness in your work.

It’s Best to Focus

Many practitioners who are just beginning to market their practice find it difficult to focus on just one (or two, or three) specific type of clients. When you ask a practitioner new to practice who they want to work with, the answer is “Everybody.”

No. You really don’t want to work with “everybody.” You can’t reach out to “everybody” because “everybody” doesn’t care. Talking to “everybody” is a waste of your time and money.

But when you ask a practitioner who they like working with or what techniques they’re best at, you get a whole other answer.

Your Uniqueness Pays off

Every one of you out there has a set of skills that is unique to you. Every one of you has a knack for something. Every one of you has a type of client that you prefer (your Ideal Client, guys).

There’s a massage therapist I go to when I get this odd catch in my shoulder. She is the only one I know who can successfully release it. She gets a lot of satisfaction from her success. As she should.

After struggling in her general practice for five years, she has started focusing on clients who need shoulder work. Because she is really successful at bringing relief, her clients talk about her. She is the best thing since sliced bread. Tell your friends.

It took about 18 months to gather enough shoulder clients. But she had a plan, goals, and a clear focus throughout the process. Her practice is now ticking along nicely. You could say it was Ideal.

Play to Your Strengths

I’m willing to bet that when you get a chance to successfully use your particular skills, your knack, you feel better, happy, empowered. If you got to use those skills every day on people who most need them, you would have an Ideal Practice.

You can use those skills more often (and feel happier and be more successful) when you focus on your Ideal Client.

And who is your Ideal Client?

One who suits your Ideal Practice.

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