I’m Sorry, Have We Met? 3 Ways Consistency Pays Off

Usually, we discuss the basics of having your massage marketing messages heard by your clients. One of the basics we discuss is to be consistent. Initially, we talk about being consistent in your message. As in:

  • Postcard message = I’m affordable
  • Email message = You can afford me and here’s why
  • Newsletter message = Affordable AND good for you

On further reflection, being consistent in your communications is important, too. This would do three things for you:

  1. increase clients’ awareness of you and your work (possibly increasing your number of regular clients)
  2. save you effort
  3. save you money

Increase Awareness

You expect to get advertisements and coupons in the months leading up to the holidays. You expect to get “I want to win back your business” coupons from businesses that haven’t contacted you for a while. Because you expect it, and no one really says anything new, all that advertising kind of turns into noise. That noise gets filtered out and ignored.

What if you regularly contacted your clients every month? What if your clients expected to hear from you every month? What if your clients could count on you for regular education, encouragement, and cheer? Then you’d be more likely to be recognized and looked for. You’d be more likely to be heard and get a greater response.

Save Effort

When people don’t hear from you — or about you — for long periods of time, they forget about you. Every time you wait a long time between a mailing or an advertisement, you have to start all over. It’s like running into an old friend after 10 years. Bringing them up to date on your life takes serious energy and effort. Calling an old friend once a month to play catch-up is relaxing and doesn’t take much time.

Same thing with your clients. When you reach out to your clients consistently, you don’t have to keep re-introducing yourself and re-educating people about the benefits of your work. You just keep the conversation going.

Save Money

Let’s say you only do mailings twice a year: once at Christmas and once around Mothers’ Day. Because your clients haven’t heard from you in four months, you have to make a greater effort to get their attention. What better way to ensure response than by offering a discount, right?

Well … Let’s think about this. You spend $500 sending out postcards, newsletters, and emails. You attach a coupon to each mailing: “$5 off as my gift to you.” 20 clients respond. Great! That’s earned back your $500 easy! But you’ve just lost $100 because 20 clients at a $5 discount each = $100.

With $100, you could buy and print a custom message on 200 postcards.

You could buy 1,000 snazzy business cards.

You could customize and download client newsletters.

How many more people could you reach with only $100? Lots.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Meh. Who knows if the whole $100 thing would be worth it to me anyway?” Well, okay, we don’t know. But what we do know is you’re going to feel like you have to offer $5 off every time you try to re-ignite your clients’ interest. What you end up getting is a bunch of clients who only come in when you discount yourself. And how is that saving you money? (If you’re going to make an offer, find a way to add value to a session rather than doing a discount.)


There is so much marketing noise out there. If your clients know when to expect to hear from you, if they know that your expected message is relevant to them, you will be heard. That’s how it works. When you’re consistent, you don’t have to keep fighting marketing inertia. When you’re consistent, you don’t have to keep hitting the marketing restart button.