Independent Practices are Better for this Healthcare Crisis

Group practices, spas, and franchise chains have experienced phenomenal success in recent years. Independent practitioners sometimes view these establishments as unbeatable competition, even going so far as to think of them as corporate giants ruining the livelihood of individual practitioners. You may or may not think of it that way yourself. But if you are a practitioner who works alone, you are absolutely able to offer something that the group settings cannot during this pandemic.

It’s hard to argue with the scale of marketing and branding that the larger establishments are able to attain, and it’s true they do attract more clients. But more people, especially more people at the same time coming into an establishment, is NOT a positive in today’s healthcare crisis. In fact, the more people coming and going through a certain door or lobby or hallway can be dangerous. The most common factor in the spread of the COVID-19 virus is larger groups of people in close proximity to each other.

So, if you work alone in your own office, you should be using that fact in your marketing.

  • You are able to prepare a safe environment.
  • You are able to completely control who comes and goes.
  • You are able to completely control how much time there is between people in your space.
  • It’s only ever TWO people at a time in your office.

That’s fantastic! And much, much safer!

Please, use this simple piece of information in your messaging to your current clients and any potential clients. People need touch therapy more than ever, so let them know what makes your space a bit safer for them to come and get it.