Is Your Practice Ready for the Holidays?


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Recently, we wrote about Gift Certificate ideas. Hopefully you took us up on some of those ideas now that the holidays are right around the corner. Here are a few more quick tips to help you prepare for the holidays.

  • Give Extra Value
  • Join “Buy Local” Campaigns
  • Make Redemption Easy and Effective

Give Extra Value, Not Discounts

If you sell a lot of gift certificates at 50% off, you will be working twice as hard for the same amount of money. Chances are, your treatment rates are already very fairly priced. So, instead of negotiating your treatment rates to get folks to buy more gift certificates, try offering additional value to your already valuable treatment. How about things like: buy three gift certificates, receive 30 minutes added to your next treatment, or; with each gift certificate treatment, tack on a foot bath (this works especially well for retaining the new client who redeems a gift certificate).

Join Your Community’s “Buy Local” Promotions

Once your offers are set and your gift certificates are ready, promote them through your local “buy local” campaigns. “‘Buy local’ campaigns can actually supercharge sales”, an article from CNNMoney back in March said that, “55.3% of revenue from locally-owned businesses goes back to the local economy versus 13.6% from national chains.” That’s a big reason why “buy local” campaigns are becoming so attractive to the conscientious consumer. Healthcare practitioners who provide popular holiday treatments and services are the perfect local business to promote during the holiday buying season.

Some Redemption Advice

Once you sell gift certificates, you need to be ready for redemption. It is especially important to make a good first impression on the new people those gift certificates will bring into your practice.

Remember the basics:  Dress professionally, create a welcoming environment, and personalize your greeting. Eye contact, a firm handshake, and greeting the person by name go a long way.

Make it easy to schedule:  Return phone calls in a timely manner. Better yet, if you miss that call, make sure your message refers them to your website where they can redeem the gift certificate and book online. If you do not yet offer online scheduling, now is the time to get that set up. The Massamio blog reviewed several online scheduling tools awhile back. Sohnen-Moe Associates is now an affiliate of FullSlate, an online scheduling tool. If you sign up with FullSlate through our link, in addition to their free trial, you will receive the gift certificates and packages add-on FREE for 6 months ($30 value).

Please share your holiday ideas below in the comments section…