Jump-Start Your Holiday Promotions

Have you started thinking about the holidays yet? I know, summer is barely over, yet your clients are probably already making holiday plans and pondering about what creative, useful gifts they can get for their family and friends. This is a good time to set your holiday marketing in place so you can launch it in a timely manner.

Some people purchase holiday gifts throughout the year. According to the National Retail Federation more than 10% purchase gifts before September (kudos to those savvy shoppers). Approximately 10% buy in September, 20% in October, 40% in November, and about 15% in December.

Now is the time to prepare! Assemble ideas for several gift bundles that range in cost from $10- $100 (not including the cost of a gift certificate for your services). It can be fun to include some holiday-themed items that you don’t necessarily stock year round. Purchase the required products as well as items for packaging the bundles (e.g., bags, ribbons, boxes), and stock up on a variety of gift certificates.

You can start promoting the concept of buying holiday gifts from you with gentle reminders:

  1. Add a tagline to your correspondence that says something like “This year, purchase the gift of wellness.”
  2. Place a banner on your website about gift certificates and special holiday bundles.

Ramp up your marketing efforts in October so they are in full force when November begins. Announce your holiday specials via social media, ads, newsletters, website, email, and posters. Mail postcards that wish your clients a healthy, happy holiday season. Remind them to take care of themselves and inspire them to avoid the holiday crunch by giving the gift of health.

Keep in mind that almost half of holiday shopping takes place online. While you are probably not in a position to ship items to people, you can offer digital gift certificates, and you can allow people to purchase pre-bundled, wrapped packages online and pick them up at your office.

We hope that you have a joyous holiday and provide your clients with great “one-size-truly-does-fit-all” gift options.

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