Keep Your Clients Returning: Just Ask

“What do you do as a therapist to make sure your clients return?” This was a question recently asked on a LinkedIn group. In response, practitioners shared some fabulous advice. The simplest (and highly effective) suggestion was to ask clients if they would like to rebook before they leave your office. If you feel shy about doing this, ask yourself: If I am really tuned in to each and every client that gets on my table, listening to their specific needs, and doing my best work, doesn’t it simply make sense to offer a follow-up session?

Share What You Learn

Your clients are in your care for a whole hour. That’s a lot of time for you to gather information from their bodies. Share what you learned — and give them a reason to come back. Examples:

  • “You may notice more improvement in that area of your low back if we focus on it in another session.”
  • “You know all that tension in your neck and shoulders? I think you could get some additional relief if you come in for a session of myofascial release.”

Give Them a Chance to Feel Better — Again

Clients come in for a reason. When they are on your table, do your best to help. After the session, as they marvel at how much better they feel, remind them that you will be available the next time they have a concern. And, in fact, according to your open appointment book, you have slots available next week, or the week after. Would they care to reschedule?