Last Minute Holiday Promotions

The holidays are upon us and people are starting to panic if they haven’t purchased their gifts yet. Help ease their stress by having an assortment of items they can purchase from you. Offering to wrap them will increase the likelihood of sales. You can put them in a box with wrapping paper or a festive bag with tissue paper and ribbon. The bags make it easier to add other products.

Offer gift options in several price ranges: $10-$20; $25-$50; $55-$100; $100+. You can also bundle packages with items that you might not normally sell during the rest of the year. Whenever you sell retail gift packages, include an option to add a gift certificate.

Here are some tips to promote these gift items:

  • Have some of the items/bundles pre-wrapped.
  • Send email blasts with a photo of the different bundles (unwrapped and wrapped).
  • Hang posters in your office with a phrase such as “Give the Gift of Health” (and include photos and descriptions of the bundles).
  • Include a note about the bundles on your appointment reminders.
  • Adjust your email signature to include your holiday specials (by the way, consider changing this throughout the year).

Happy Holidays!