Turkey with leaves and oranges for christmas and thanksgivingIt’s about this time of year—when I’m cleaning the Thanksgiving leftovers out of my fridge to make room for my Christmas dinner leftovers—that I make all sorts of resolutions. And, yes, they are the same ones I made last year: I have got to be better organized. I mean, the whole joy of Thanksgiving for me is the leftovers. I plan for there to be leftovers. Nothing is better than a turkey-cranberry, relish-stuffing sandwich. It’s like a reward. Why am I not getting around to eating them?

So, ten whole minutes ago I did something drastic and put my mother in charge. (Yeah, I’m 39.) We made a list of:

  • all the things I will do before December 31st (including cleaning out any remaining Christmas leftovers)
  • all chores I will do before Friday of each week
  • all paperwork I will do before the end of each month
  • all projects that I will do before March 31st

There aren’t drastic things on these lists, like installing wood floors; this is just basic organization that I can’t seem to get on top of. Each of us posted the list by our respective phones. Mom’s going to call and check in as each deadline approaches. Do I want to tell her I haven’t done something? No. Am I going to lie to her? Not a chance. (She’ll know.) Is there an element of fear here? A little. Yes.

And that’s how fuzzy, green turkey slices changed my life. When I think about it, this is sort of how groups like Weight Watchers work and how coaches work. They help you figure out your goals, give you clear directions, and then they check in with you. The goals and the responsibility are still yours; you are choosing to explain to someone why you changed your plans.

Did you miss the window for sending out notes/offers/coupons to your clients this season? Does Valentine’s always sneak up on you? Are you tired of launching half-conceived marketing plans when you’re up against a deadline? Think about finding yourself a mom (mine would probably volunteer), even just for one little project you’ve been meaning to get done in your practice. See how it works.

Well, full disclosure, it just so happens that Sohnen-Moe Associates offers consulting services for this type of goal setting, clarity, and follow-up. And your consultations aren’t scheduled with just anyone in our office (although they would be excellent sessions, too), they are actual coaching sessions with our president, Cherie Sohnen-Moe. Click here to request more information and take your practice to the next level in 2017!

Happy Holidays!