Make Your Promotions Actually Work

Promotional specials can bring in new clients and get your established clients to schedule more frequently. But when you want to offer a special, where do you start?

What is your goal?

Your practice can only be as vital as your ability to reach out and clearly communicate what you have to offer. In creating your message, start by thinking about what you want to achieve. More new people in the schedule? More return visits from current clients? Bookings for new modalities? Tailor your special offer to meet your aims.

Bringing in new clients

Because wellness practice, specifically massage and bodywork, is an intimate type of service, many people won’t try out a new practitioner without knowing something about them. So, give people a reason to contact you with one or more of the following:

  1. an offer nobody can refuse,
  2. a safe and easy way to experience your service, or
  3. a special that prospective clients receive through someone they already know.

Can’t pass this one by

Let’s look at number one, creating a deal that’s hard to pass up. Here’s one example from customer Amanda Braun, who “sold” massage gift certificates for an amazing deal during the holidays. One caveat: this strategy is all about generosity, but remember not to undercut yourself. Offer ONLY what you can reasonably afford.

“I sent a promotional to the members of my business networking group that said, ‘Be your customers’ favorite person this holiday. Why not send gift certificates for 1/2-hour massages? Recipients can upgrade to an hour for $30.’ I sold 1000 gift certificates for $1 each to cover the costs of the gift certificates. I had 260 people redeem them, and all but 20 upgraded to an hour.”

Make it safe and easy

Give people a chance to meet you that feels completely safe. For instance, you could have a special one-time or ongoing event where people in your spa, clinic, or health club can receive a free or low-cost chair massage. Or a foot massage. Or a brief Reiki treatment. Offer something that is brief, inexpensive, and doesn’t require undressing.

It must be good if everyone says it is

Research shows people are more likely to use a service if it is recommended by someone they know. Spread the news of a great offer with a postcard or business card that you ask clients and friends to pass on. You could even entice them with a two-for-one special. For instance, a foot and hand treatment for your client and their friend for the price of one.