Marketing in Circles

Marketing your practice may seem, at times, like you are running around in circles. Doing the same things, over and over again. But running around in circles isn’t necessarily a bad thing (Olympians win medals when they run fast enough!), as long as you keep running. If you stop marketing, it’s like taking your foot off the gas pedal in your car… your whole car won’t stop immediately, but eventually your momentum is lost and it takes a lot more energy to start that car moving again. So, let’s talk about keeping your marketing circles running.

Building a Foundation of Credibility

Maybe you’ve done some offline marketing over the years: public speaking, events, networking, local advertising, and building professional alliances. And maybe you have devoted your time more recently to online marketing: your website and social media pages. The following graphic is a representation of how potential clients interact with your offline and online marketing efforts.


Potential clients usually enter your marketing circles at A1 and B1, and may move around the circle several times before they actually connect with something you say [4]. Both circles are designed to create connections, and each connection adds a foundation of credibility to your practice.

To increase the number of people entering your circles and connecting with you:

  1. Participate in more events [A1] and create more social media posts [B1].
  2. Interact with people in your community [A2] and online [B2].
  3. Update your marketing materials and product catalogs [A3], and your website [B3]. Make it easy for them to find the information they need and contact you.

To increase the momentum, combine your offline and online efforts:

  1. Add your events [A1] to your website [B3] and social media pages [B1].
  2. Add your website [B3] and social media information [B1] to your marketing materials [A3].

Making It Relevant

There is no point in sharing things on social media, if you are not building relationships that will help people who do not know you become people who know you. There is equally no point in personal promotions and community relations if you are not creating alliances and word-of-mouth buzz. So, share information and attend events that help people get to know you and your practice. And choose content relevant to your ideal client. Building these relationships and establishing credibility leads to more appointments and referrals.

Tracking What Works

You should be asking your clients how they came to know you, so that you can track your marketing efforts. When you know which avenues produce the most momentum in your circles, put more energy into those routes. It means you are moving in the right direction… so keep running!


Check out this video, for a helpful animation of the Marketing Circles graphic above: