Marketing to Healthcare Providers: Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get In There

Our last blog post addressed letters of introduction and resources for examples. This post is about marketing to and educating healthcare providers about your services after you’ve sent out the formal letters.

Engage Your Clients

You should start by looking at your clients’ HCPs anyway. These are providers who have already seen the effect of your work. Your clients have most likely mentioned you to their doctors. Capitalize on that. Start with them. Then, ask your clients if they know what the process is to get on their HCPs’ “preferred provider” lists.

If you haven’t already, ask your clients who their favorite medical practitioners are. If any of them share your focus, make a note of it.

Get to Know the Front Desk

[Image courtesy of stockimages at]

[Image courtesy of stockimages at]

When you’re in good with the “secretary” you’re in. Come on, you all remember your school secretary; she was the one who was really in charge. Call and ask for the office manager. Ask if he or she has a moment or if you can make an appointment to talk. Tell her or him that you would like to talk about how the doctor, LPN, dentist, chiropractor, etc. goes about gathering referrals. Tell her or him you want to “do it right the first time.”

When you speak with the secretary, ask:

  • Does the doctor refer out?
  • If so, what kind of information does the doctor need?
  • To what kinds of practitioners does the doctor refer out?
  • What are the doctor’s main complaints about referrals he or she has made in the past?

Send a thank you note. Don’t forget. If you hit it off and all the stars align, the secretary can become your advocate.


After you’ve created at least a cordial relationship with a HCP’s office, be sure to send copies of newsletters, flyers, emails, or other updates. (Get permission to send emails.) Keep reminding folks that you are a professional, an educator, and an expert. Because you are. They need to refer their patients to you.

Think Big. Act Big.

This would be a great time to give cooperative marketing a try. Here’s an idea:

Gather a couple few body/energy workers together and plan a 60-90 minute education seminar. Invite HCPs and their staff. Really. (Because the doctors, LPNs, etc. aren’t going to have time to go. But their staff might like a break in their routine.) Gather up all your leads and invite them all. Send information packets with facts and articles about the benefit of all of your specialties. Include a summary page briefly discussing how each specialty benefits the patient. Send invitations to each office. Advertise in the paper and radio. Go into each office with a flyer or copy of the original invitation and introduce yourself to whatever staff is in sight. Emphasize the benefits of them coming to your seminar. “Chance to win in-office chair massage for your entire staff. All questions answered. No risk, no commitment. An opportunity to meet us on neutral ground. Free lunch.”

After All

You are a professional who is reaching out to other professionals. Your common cause is your love and devotion to your clients’ health. Keep that common theme at the forefront of every communication and you’ll do well.

[Adapted from previous blog articles by Natural Touch Marketing, with permission and for your benefit.]