Marketing with Explanations: Answer These Two Questions

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You may be a craniosacral therapist, Reiki practitioner, reflexologist, or other wellness practitioner, doing amazing body or energy work. You see fantastic results with your family and friends. But then you hang out your shingle and nobody comes. You try to talk about it, but people nod politely or look at you strangely. Some may even engage with you — but never call. Could it be that you are not able to explain what you do enough to answer the basic questions of potential clients?

Our customers tell us about their challenges in explaining the techniques they love and practice:

  • “I tried to create my own brochure in the past, but it’s hard to explain Reiki.”
  • “Putting into words the experiences people have with reflexology is hard for me.”
  • “The staff at the nursing home facilities have to get programs going for the residents, but it’s hard to help them understand what I can offer.”

Answer these two questions, whether they are asked specifically or not… and you’ll get a lot further.

What’s that?

It may be hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone who hasn’t heard much about what you practice, but that’s exactly the place to start. Think back to a time when you first heard about a new body or energy work technique. (There are so many new ones, it may have been yesterday!) Your first question is, “What’s that?”

Explain, but keep it simple. Even though your potential client wants to know what this thing Reiki (or whatever) is, don’t go into tons of detail. It’s a healing art, it’s gentle, and all it requires is that you sit or lie down in your street clothes.

Does it help?

As soon as the “What’s that?” question is answered, they will want to know if it helps. Here’s an example. Not so long ago, friends and customers started emailing me information about EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique). I had a good first impression — it could help with the underlying stress of many illnesses, and it was an easy technique I could even apply on myself. I tried a little tapping and liked it. I wondered if it could help me feel less tired and experience more energy. Then, when someone appeared on my radar that was giving a class on EFT, I enrolled so I could experience it first-hand.

Tell them what you know of your own experience or the experiences of your clients. Examples:

  • “I’ve seen people’s headaches disappear.”
  • “Clients tell me their injuries heal really fast.”
  • “People come in really stressed and leave relaxed — and even sleep better!”

How do you answer these two questions?