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Marketing Mastery

Effective and consistent marketing is a major key to a successful career. Register for our free Marketing Mastery subscription service. We start off with an overall marketing plan and then email you monthly goals and weekly reminders for marketing activities. You may use all or part of this plan to expand your marketing and networking efforts, elevate your visibility in the community, and, of course, increase your client base.

Many of you have been with us since the beginning of this service and we trust your practices are flourishing. We'd love to hear about your success stories and will post them on our site, if you wish.

For those of you who are relatively new subscribers to Marketing Mastery, be prepared to take your practice to new levels!

We start with an overview of the full year which then continues with monthly plans and detailed weekly goals.

The List


Marketing Mastery is a comprehensive marketing plan designed to take a beginning practitioner to a full practice as well as help established practitioners move to the next level (or maintain their current level). We realize that there is a lot involved here. If you are only interested in increasing your client base by a small increment, then reduce the time invested and number of activities detailed in this plan.

Note: While most of the goals may be the same from last year, you can use new ways to implement them. For instance, you may choose a different charity events, pick a different person/company for your cooperative marketing venture, or develop a totally new target market.

The Goals and Activities are divided into three sections:

  1. Practice Building Goals and Activities
  2. Maintenance Goals and Activities
  3. Specific Goals and Activities for Both Practice Building and Maintenance

The Building section contains activities to foster business growth. The Maintenance division includes activities for client retention and sustaining your presence. The activities that cross over are grouped together in the Both section. The major difference for those who are just beginning is that the time investment is greater for Building. New practitioners usually need to devote substantial time in networking and establishing credibility.

For those of you who have a group practice or run a business that includes contracting with other therapists, keep in mind that, in general, the broad-based marketing activities are the same as those for a solo practitioner but the implementation is different. For example, if the goal is that you host an open house, the major differences would be that the people invited might represent a wide variety of target markets, and the "presentations" done by each practitioner would have to be limited in time to accommodate the number of practitioners.

We wish you great joy and success in 2018!


Starting in 2009 we are using a online mailing service to send your newsletters in a more attractive and easy-to-read format.

See 2005's Comments about the significant changes to the format from previous years.

We do receive comments and suggestions and incorporate them whenever possible. In 2005 we revamped the whole format in response to a member's idea. Some of the suggestions we receive are too specific to include in this venue, such as how to market a certain type of practice. We've never asked our subscribers about their specific field, but the ones that have told us represent a wide variety of professions: massage therapists and other somatic practitioners; acupuncturists; counselors; energy practitioners; physical therapists; yoga instructors; spa owners; physiotherapists; coaches; estheticians; movement practitioners; chiropractors; and artists. We purposefully make the suggestions broad enough so that most practitioners could utilize them (and of course ignore the ones that are not applicable).

Effective and consistent marketing is a major key to a successful career. Marketing Mastery provides you with a one-year detailed marketing plan. You may use all or part of this plan to expand your marketing and networking efforts, increase your visibility in the community and, of course, increase your client base. We realize that these suggested projects may need to be done at different times than listed. Please review the full year's goals and activities and make any adjustments. Then add or delete specific steps to the monthly and weekly Goals and Activities that we send you.

We have also included selling products and understand that some of you may not be interested in getting involved with this aspect of business. Just keep in mind that it can be a good way to add passive income and support your clients by providing them with easy access to products that they might not know about.

We start this with an overview of the full year to be followed up with monthly plans and weekly detailed goals. The bracketed activities are specifically for newcomers to Marketing Mastery. Hopefully those of you who have been with us for a while have already accomplished those goals.

Enjoy the changes we've made in the format and scope, and keep giving us feedback.

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