Your mind is a powerful thing. There’s mounting evidence endorsing the theory that success has more to do with your mindset than natural ability or circumstances.* That means that anyone can have a thriving massage practice with a mindset that honors your worth, doesn’t fear failure, and welcomes opportunities for growth.

So, is making more money as a massage therapist REALLY possible with that mindset? In part one of this series, we examined how we can cultivate a mindset that supports a price increase. Now, we’ll look into expanding that mindset to make our sales and marketing strategies more effective, so we can book more clients.


As a quick recap, our mindset is the collection of our thoughts and beliefs. Because our brains have plasticity, these thought and behavioral patterns can be changed. It takes commitment and persistence, just like running a business. By replacing the mental habits we recognize that are keeping us stuck, we form new thought patterns that lead to behaviors that reflect our desires. Those actions then become our experience.


First, we have to be aware of the thoughts and beliefs that are in opposition with what we want. If our goal is to attract more clients, we must be open to any promotional schemes or protocol improvements that strike us. That means letting go of what we learned in school as gospel. I’m not saying we should disregard it all, but we should be willing to question.

The goal of most massage training programs is to prevent harm to clients, rather than teach business and marketing skills. Many of these programs are not updated consistently to include recent research findings and technology trends, so it’s up to us to stay on top of industry developments. Regularly reading and watching current, high-quality content is vital to inviting new possibilities. Investing in training you didn’t receive as part of your basic education may also be necessary.


Whenever we find reasons not to try something new, we’re giving in to resistance. We may have developed beliefs that help us avoid disappointment by keeping our expectations low or find comfort in flying with the flock so we don’t draw attention to ourselves. Once again, these thought patterns are easy to recognize.

Two common defaults for shunning a new marketing approach are That won’t work and I can’t do that. Notice the contraction “n’t” in both responses? It’s like a flashing red light signaling our habitual resistance to change. This simplifies the process of discovering the mindset patterns preventing us from earning more money.

When you identify these patterns, consider all of the times something you’ve done HAS worked or you’ve found you COULD do something you hadn’t done before (make a list if you need to). This proves that whatever you’re contemplating has a likelihood of manifesting the results you want. Just because a tool, technique, philosophy, or best practice has or hasn’t been successful for others is no indication of how it will play out in your unique situation. Owning a massage practice is an ongoing experiment that will present you with new challenges as you master others. That’s what makes it one of the most profound personal growth opportunities you’ll ever encounter.


Worry is another feeling that’s easy to recognize. It’s a projection into the future about what we fear. The fact that it hasn’t happened yet means it’s not real right now, but given enough of our energy, the probability of it happening will increase.

When you catch yourself worrying about how something will turn out, stop and think about something you’re grateful for in the present. It can be as simple as having a car that runs or gratitude for the fulfillment of a wish. Take a deep breath and really FEEL it. If this reality is possible, then so is an alternative to whatever it is you’re worrying about. Visualize the outcome you desire, take another deep breath and feel the gratitude that you’ll feel then.

Another spin on this exercise is focusing on the clients you have. It’s natural to say we need more clients. By perpetuating that thought, we’re actually repelling that intention because we’re concentrating on what we don’t have. Become more mindful about the filled slots in your schedule than those that are open. Use the success you have with your existing clients as inspiration for marketing to those who are looking for you by using testimonials and case studies. Pay attention to comments your clients share about how their lives have improved from working with you. Use those comments to describe the outcomes new clients can expect.


We may overlook opportunities because they aren’t what we’re used to or don’t come in the way we anticipated. Here’s where the new, affirmative thoughts you’ve designed can serve as guidance. When you get a crazy insight, have a seemingly coincidental meeting, or receive what appears to be a random communication, consider how well it compliments your new thought patterns. If it lines up, do something with it. Whatever feels right, take that initiative. Even if it doesn’t lead directly to your end goal, it may move you closer to it.

Taking control of our thoughts instead of letting them run the show takes practice and patience. There are countless books and online resources to assist you in cultivating the life you want by changing what you think and believe. Anything you truly want is possible for you, including earning a good living serving others. You are infinitely connected to everything you need to make that your reality.

*Reducing Inequality in Academic Success for Incoming College Students: A Randomized Trial of Growth Mindset and Belonging Interventions; Journal of research on Educational Effectiveness

Cath Cox has been a licensed massage therapist in Colorado since 1999 and is the creator of the Booked and Busy in 90 Days System™. Her mission is to heal the world by inspiring independent massage therapists to build thriving practices of their own so they can work authentically for as long as they desire. She currently provides ashiatsu barefoot deep tissue massage exclusively in her private practice. You can learn more about Cath and her journey at