Natural Way to Get New Clients to Rebook: Marketing your gift certificates in the New Year

Fact: Valentine’s Day is second only to Christmas in terms of gift certificate sales. (Followed by Mothers’ Day.)

Fact: 80% of people are more inclined to use a service when it is recommended by a friend.

Fact: Gift certificates are incomparable tools for introducing yourself to new clients and encouraging those new clients to rebook.

Fact: It’s the New Year and it’s time for your practice to adopt new, healthy, profitable marketing habits.

When you go through the effort of promoting your gift certificates, you want your efforts to pay off.

Selling certificates is one thing. Getting the certificate recipients to use their gift is another. Encouraging new clients to rebook with you is something else altogether.

Selling Certificates

We have written many articles about promoting gift certificate sales so we won’t go over that again now. While talking to you before Christmas we learned that many of you do not get the information of the gift certificate recipient. Now is the time to start doing that. When you sell Valentine’s (and Mothers’) Day certificates, do your best to get the address/email of the giftees. Tell the purchasers that you will like the addresses of the recipients so you can send a reminder card if the certificate isn’t used by [March 31st]. This will show the purchaser that you value both their money and your service.

Encouraging Certificate Redemption

Obviously, the more professional you appear at first glance, the better. Certificates are often the first physical contact a potential client has with you. Take a certificate sale one step further: find out all you can about the giftee. Would this be their first massage? Any particular reasons why they are being given a massage certificate (stress, shoulder, a reward for weight loss)? Send information (brochures/flyers about how your work addresses their needs) along with the certificate.

Another fact (completely unscientifically proven, but we all know is true): Most people who will be buying gift certificates for Valentine’s are men who are really, really hoping that a gift certificate for your services will go over better than the oven mitts they bought for her last year … or the snow boots he got her this Christmas. The oven mitt/snowboots/vacuum cleaner guys need your help. They need you to tell them exactly what to do.

Encouraging Clients to Rebook

Getting new clients to book again has been the main point of discussion for the last month. After putting so much time and effort into selling gift certificates, you want a return that pays off in regular clients. If, after a session, they like your work and you like working with them, they’ll want to rebook. But sometimes people need a little motivation. Somebody (and I can’t remember who; I apologize if it was you) recently suggested including a coupon for a 2nd session with the gift certificate. This coupon can be for an extra 15 minutes added on to a second session, or a “special hot stone/aromatherapy combo,” or an add-on service like a salt scrub or paraffin dip. The purpose of the coupon for a second session is to get your new client to rebook at the end of their first session with you. It’s a reward. It’s an indication of your confidence in your work. It may also serve as a motivator to get them to book their first session sooner. Here’s what your coupon could say:

“[Annie] likes my work so much she gave it as a gift to you. Come in and let me work my magic. If you decide my work is a good fit for your needs, book another session and I’ll add [an extra 15 minutes onto it].”

To Sum-up

Marketing and selling gift certificates take effort. Make your effort pay off by thinking about The Next Step: getting new clients to rebook.