During this hands-off period, you can use this time “off” to set the foundation for relaunching your practice in an even greater capacity than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Think about all of the “good ideas” you’ve had to streamline your practice, organize, or increase clientele and revenue. But you never got around to putting them in place. Now is a great time to develop and launch these activities, so that when you re-open, it takes less time to maintain them.

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Update Your Forms:

Review your client forms to see if anything needs to be changed ar added – particularly your treatment planning, and follow-up materials. For instance, I have been encouraging one of my coaching clients for years to implement sending clients a Report of Findings (client’s wellness goals, the practitioner’s findings, and treatment plan); and Progress Reports (after a certain number of sessions or meeting a major benchmark). It wasn’t getting done. She is taking the time now to create those forms,and set up a system to automatically notify her when to send those follow-ups.

We have templates you can use in our Client Intake and Recordkeeping Forms digital packet.

Update Marketing Materials:

When’s the last time you updated your business cards? Maybe it’s time for a whole new look. You can create some business cards, postcards, and brochures that establish a matching brand. Brand consistency is a great way to generate recognition and credibility in your community. This will become more important in the early days of reopening service-based businesses.

Refresh Your Website: 

Perhaps it’s time to update your website, move to a different host, or add on-line scheduling. Refresh the look, add new photos and testimonials, and update the descriptions of your services. Perhaps include sections on self-care tips and sanitation protocols.

Create Automated Email Marketing Campaigns: 

Are you still sending emails to each client manually? Now is the time to organize a list management plan. You can use a free account, like MailChimp, to send updates, announcements, special offers, and newsletters to your entire client list at once.

Here’s a step-by-step guide if you are new to MailChimp.

Alter Client Scheduling:

Make sure you allocate enough time between clients to execute your enhanced sanitation protocols. In addition to easing your own stress, your clients will feel more comfortable knowing that you are taking your time to make sure everything is sanitary and aired out. 

Elevate and Publish Your Hygiene and Sanitation Protocols:

Now is the time to let clients know, specifically, what you do and how you do it, to set them at ease as they reenter “normal” activities. Send a special email, print a sign for your office, create a handout, add to your brochure, post on your website and social media pages. Clients are going to expect heightened sanitation protocols. You may need to stock masks, gloves, and enough linens so that nothing is used more than once before it’s washed (including bolster covers and blankets).

Last month we published a blog with suggestions for communicating your hygiene and sanitation protocols to clients.

Increase Client Communication:

Stay in touch with your clients. Even though you aren’t seeing them, you can still connect and let them know you care. Post updates, special offers, and self-care tips on your social media sites. Email clients self-care tips, your enhanced sanitation protocols you will be utilizing when your practice reopens, and offer special packages or discounts if they purchase sessions now (before you reopen). Remind them of the benefits of massage, and perhaps some tips on self-massage. Let them know you are looking forward to helping them re-establish their wellness care through healthy touch.

QUESTION: What are you focusing on for your practice right now? Share any ideas or questions in the comments section below…