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Gift Certificate Templates

Richly illustrated, customizable gift certificates to offer your clients for their friends, family, and any one else.

Gift certificates are popular because they are easy to give and always a joy to receive! A small investment in a professional looking gift certificate for massage therapy, Reiki or Reflexology can result in years of repeat visits from a new client.

Gift Certificates are downloaded products. You purchase each certificate once, customize the PDF to add your company information, and print the certificate as often as needed; the document is designed to print on both sides of the paper. See the How-To for details.

Choose the style of your choice below for more information.

certificate license certificate how-to

Each Gift Certificate comes with:

  1. A customizable PDF which has the image and gifting information
  2. A large image: 2517 x 1158 px, 300dpi, for printing services
  3. A small image: 680 x 313 px, 72dpi, for your website, presentations, emails, newsletters, or other visual communication
  4. Licensing and how-to documents

View the certificates’ License, and the How-To. (Not for resale.)

Offer supportive therapies to your active clients, whether in a sports club, clinic.

A warm invitation to experience a nurturing massage at the holidays, or any time of year, this gift certificate can be used for any bodywork, spa, or salon service.

Rich, luxurious colors in this gift certificate which is great for any service, any time of year.

Symbolically join hands around the world for peace on earth, and within each of us.

Santa is thinking “Next year I'm springing for a REAL massage!” in this comical peek at how Santa and his elves relax after a hectic holiday.

A luxurious invitation to revel in the gift of massage and bodywork. This gift certificate is a favorite during the Christmas holidays, but can also be used any time of year!

A winter forest and “Brightest Blessings of the Season.”

Candy canes and “a sweet treat for you.”

A frosted cedar branch and “FOR YOU.”

Frosty the Snowman before and after a massage.

A handheld, red-wrapped box and “a special holiday gift.”

Tree ornaments with hands on them.

Ice crystals and “A Gift.”

A tree of light and “A Special Christmas Gift.”

A mouse at the spa and “Not a creature was stirring... not even a mouse.”

A red berries border and “Happy Holidays.”

Songbirds and “A little bird told me…”

A vintage Santa and “Best Christmas Wishes.”

Various winter images and “A winter retreat awaits you.”

A festive cake and “Happy Birthday! Relax, Refresh, Enjoy”

A silver-wrapped purple gift and “a special birthday gift”

A mosaic of caring images and “A Special Gift for You!”

A tropical motif and “A Relaxing Retreat”

"A gift... for the whole you”

A water motif and “A Gift”

A beach with “A Gift of Relaxation and Helath”

A Bird of Paradise flower and “A little bit of paradise…”

Multi-colored balloons and “Happy Birthday!”

Coneflowers and “Happy Birthday!”

A floral design and “Happy Birthday!”

Birthday gifts and “On Your Birthday”

A purple bow and “A Gift”

A blue-wrapped red gift and “A Gift”

Brush-stroke trees and “A Gift”

An abstract cake and “On Your Birthday”

A celestial night sky and “A Gift”

Cherry blossoms and “With love on this special day”

Cupid playing a harp and “Happy Valentine’s day”

A peaceful oriental motif and “Tension is who you think you should be; Relaxation is who you are. —Chinese Proverb”

A facial massage and “More than a Luxury…”

Beautifying motif and “look good…feel good”

A white flower on a red background and “Nurture Body Mind & Soul”

shells, sand, a footprint and “A Gift for You”

A ginger flower and “A GIFT”

An abstract brush stroke and “A Gift…”

Hands shaping a heart and “With Love on this Special Day”

Winter holiday colläge and “A GIFT”

A lavender sprig and “Smile, breathe, and go slowly —Thich Nhat Hahn”

An abstract lavender flower and “For a Very Special Person”

Lotus flower, person meditating and “Body Mind Spirit”

Purpled mountains, a moon and “Blessings of the Season”

Scenic mountains and “A Gift for You”

A nature’s stillness colläge and “In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillnes inside you. —Deeprak Chopra”

Orchids and “A Gift”

A rainbow, hands and “A GIFT”

Water ripples and “Reiki”

Abstract ice crystals and “let it snow * let it snow * let it snow”

An orchid on blue background and “A Gift For You”

A stones treatment and “A Gift”

Textile motif and “A Gift”

Brush stroke hearts and “For Someone Close to My Heart”

Vintage hearts and “A Special Gift”

Lily pads and “A Special Gift for You”

A brush stroke wave and “A Gift”

A Zen motif and “a gift for you”

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