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ABCs of Massage Announcing! Birthday

Richly illustrated cover art, designed specifically for the healing arts practitioner. Use for all your direct mail or email marketing efforts: announcements, events, reminders, birthdays and other special occasions, and general advertisements.

Our postcards are downloaded products.

You purchase each design once, and print as many as you need. You receive two image files with your purchase:

  1. A high-resolution, print-ready jpeg for use on one side of a 6 x 4 inch postcard (you may opt to add your own message to the other side when printing)
  2. A lower resolution jpeg for convenient use in email messages

File Specs:How-To

  1. Large image: 1835x1235 pixels, 300 dpi. The actual file size is 6.12 x 4.12 inches to accommodate a bleed trim for professional print services.
  2. Small image: 600x425 pixels for your website, presentations, emails, e-newsletters, or other digital communications.

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