Massage Basics


Learn About Types of Treatments

Did you know massage therapy treatment styles have emerged across the globe? Massage is a worldwide and ancient healing practice, attested by its many and diverse styles:  from Eastern-originating Energy Therapies like Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage to Western-styles Swedish Massage and Medical Massage. Practitioners may offer these modalities for entire therapy sessions, while others may incorporate diverse treatment styles into an Integrative Massage therapy session.Massage therapy takes many forms; which ones are right for you? Our Treatments page provides a brief description of many types and modalities of massage therapy.

handsKnowledge for Your Health

There is an increasing body of research suggesting the effectiveness of massage therapy for health-based outcomes. Our Conditions page provides featured research on the effectiveness and safety concerns for specific health conditions and types of massage, a therapist quick reference with a description of many health conditions, and a health-centered discussion form.

What To Do as a Client

Whether you’re new to massage or you’ve always had questions about norms and protocol, our Tips section can expand your knowledge as a client on massage therapy etiquette.