Power to the Working Massage Therapist: Why I Created Massamio

istock_000000101313mediumIt’s 4:35pm. I just got a text from my massage therapist saying: “Hey ben. Sorry, I’m not available today.”

Hmmph :/

See, I’ve had a long week. I’ve been feeling stressed past my limit of comfort for several days, so I said to myself, “I should take a moment to chill out, take care of myself and get a massage.” Listening to my body. That’s good, right?

Not with massage. Not today. Too bad, because minute for minute there’s no better way to relax, re-center, and heal myself than with massage. Woe is me, right? Suck it up, I know: Plan better next time (for the record, I do have a re-occurring treatment at the same time each week; the problem is often I can’t predict when I’m going to be stressed).

This problem is not the only reason I created Massamio (although I think it’s a damn good one).

The main reason I created Massamio was for small business owners like Samuel, who just graduated from Cortiva Institute after a full year and over 1,000 hours of training. He’s an incredibly talented bodyworker but he doesn’t want to spend over 25% of his time marketing…selling…accounting…his services. He’d much rather focus on what he does best – massage therapy, and forget about all the business-end hassles.

There are almost 1,300 licensed massage therapists in Tucson who on average wish they have 6 more hours of work each week. But figuring out which ones are available can be a nightmare for clients. Most clients resign themselves to their pain after one or two phone calls. (I can feel it right now in between my shoulders and my neck, like a metal rod).

If Massamio were live now, I would have been able to go online this morning see exactly what times Samuel was available (and if he wasn’t available at a time that works for me, then I could see other therapists who are); book and pay in under 30 seconds.

The result for Samuel’s business:

  • A full schedule
  • More revenue
  • No hassles

I’m healthier. Samuel’s business is better. A win win. Pretty cool, right?

Well, soon this will be possible and I for one know, I will be increasing the number of my massage treatments dramatically because minute for minute, there’s no better way to Be My Best Self than through therapeutic massage.

Will you join me in building this New Kind of Business?

Peace, Benjamin