Press Release: Business Mastery and The Ethics of Touch now part of Books of Discovery

Sohnen-Moe Associates is excited to announce that, as of August 29th, our titles are part of the Books of Discovery lineup of best-selling textbooks.

We’ve had a good run (34 years for Business Mastery and 19 years for The Ethics of Touch) and now it’s time to put our titles in the hands of a company that can ensure our legacy by taking our books to the next level. We wouldn’t hand our babies to just anyone – Books of Discovery is a company that has supported and prioritized foundational manual therapy education for many, many years and is an active supporter of educational standards and research in this profession. They have a great staff, excellent books, and a stellar reputation. And now you can get the premiere titles in one place. We are confident that you will receive excellent customer service from them. We are very excited to see how the future unfurls with their sculpting future editions.


You will still have access to the online Teachers Library through us. At some point, those items will be on the Books of Discovery site and we will let you know when that happens.

You can also continue to access additional Educator Resources and Student Resources right here on our website.

Digital Products and Resources

Digital marketing and practice-building products (e.g., forms, handouts, brochures, presentation kits) and additional resources are still available right here through our website.

Please keep in touch. We would love to hear about your changes, challenges, and successes.