[Press Release] New Edition Released for The Ethics of Touch

— For Immediate Release —

On January 15, 2021, Sohnen-Moe Associates announced the third edition of The Ethics of Touch is now available in print and digital formats.

This comprehensive work has been the foremost choice for ethics education in the wellness field for the past two decades. It directly addresses the difficult, confusing, and seldom discussed dilemmas confronting touch therapy practitioners. This book honestly describes the issues, identifies clear principles, names specific resources, and uses stories straight from the treatment room. It includes thought-provoking examples, models, points to ponder, practical applications, and activities that make this information personally relevant. It supports hands-on professionals in expanding their knowledge about the field of ethics, to better manage boundaries, and to run ethical practices. This book belongs in the office of every professional who touches their clients. Leaders in the field support the relevance and necessity of The Ethics of Touch.

The text contains the same essential guidance for operating a professional, ethical practice. The new edition presents updated statistics and resources, and new scenarios and activities.

Other major updates include:

  • expanded information on Gender Identity
  • a new Gender-Neutral Pronoun Chart
  • Prejudice, Stereotyping, Racism, and Discrimination as part of the Universal Ethical Principles section
  • information on Emotional Intelligence
  • more Psychological Defense categories and explanations
  • additional techniques and strategies on giving and receiving Feedback
  • new and timely information on Hygiene, Sanitation, and Infection Control in light of recent global events
  • the Ethical Responsibilities of Employers in our increasingly complicated work environments

Visit www.TheEthicsofTouch.com for more information.