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Lately, I have been commiserating with many of my friends and colleagues about our sense of overwhelm. There are so many business opportunities available to us and deciding which ones to pursue can be difficult. At times like this, I seek perspective by reflecting on my overall life purpose, my career purpose, and whatever other areas of my life are of most importance.

I use the following areas of priorities: career, health, social life, relationships, education, finances, home environment, spirituality, creativity, and joy. Currently, my main areas of concern are career, health and joy (finances are tied in with my career). I have been on a concentrated health regime for the past 6 months. I invest approximately 4 hours per day on my wellness (exercise, meditation, meal planning, getting weekly massage and acupuncture treatments, doing affirmations, etc.). This has taken top priority over everything else in my life.

One of my conflicts has been the time I’ve been devoting to volunteer activities. This brings me joy (most of the time) and ties into my big-picture goals I have associated with what I want to see happen in the massage therapy field. The time I spend in these activities would be manageable if I didn’t have other important things in my life.

Because of my commitments to my well-being and my volunteering, I have been putting my own business on the back burner. This is not wise for financial security. Luckily, I have a better rhythm now.

Time To Change Switch Meaning Reform And Improve

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I’ve decided to review my business plan, and categorize my goals by what is vital to my long-term success, what needs to be done immediately (or the near future), and what I would like to accomplish (but isn’t critical). I haven’t finished this yet, but I am making headway. Next, I plan to highlight which goals could be done by someone else, revamp my goals into more manageable chunks, and reprioritize the goals. I will most likely change some of my target deadlines (thank goodness for computers and the to cut-and-paste functions). I will also assign some of my tasks to my staff and outsource a couple of my projects. I am already feeling less stressed and overwhelmed. I am confident that I will more comfortably fit in all of my career, health and volunteer activities.

Sometimes we have to make difficult choices when one aspect of our lives requires additional attention. There’s a phrase I’ve been saying for a long time, and while some might think it’s about procrastinating, I think it’s about keeping prospective. The phrase is: There’s no such thing as a bad goal, just a bad deadline. (Perhaps some day that will become an “official” quote).

If you are feeling overwhelmed, I invite you to take a few deep breaths and remind yourself about your big picture.