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Present Yourself Powerfully - Reviews

Book Review
by Bobbi R. Madry
November/December 1997
Present Yourself Powerfully - An Interactive Kit Designed to Enhance Your Speaking Skills,
By Cherie Sohnen-Moe
Published by Sohnen-Moe Associates, Tucson, AZ
1996, 77 pgs
Manual with 14 handout masters 8 1/2 X 11, b/w softcover, spiral bound, illustrated

In business, especially in the personal service fields, many successful people include public speaking and presenting educational seminars and workshops in their public relations and promotional activities. Yet, there are others whose fear of speaking before any group, costs them valuable business opportunities. If you find yourself trembling with fear at the thought of addressing an audience you are not alone. Numerous surveys and even the famous "Book of Lists", reveal that speaking before an audience tops the list of what people fear most.

Cherie Sohnen-Moe, author of Present Yourself Powerfully, says, "You are the most appropriate person to promote your practice. The more ways you can get yourself known, the better. Public speaking is one of the best avenues to build your practice, it increases your visibility in the community, educates the public about your services, demonstrates your enthusiasm about your work and establishes your credibility."

Cherie Sohnen-Moe, author, trainer, consultant and business owner has drawn on her many years of experience to create Present Yourself Powerfully, a kit comprised of a manual and handout masters packet. The kit is designed to take away the hassles of public speaking and helps you replace fear by providing ideas, techniques and materials you can reproduce. The entire package is designed to stimulate your own creativity while helping you develop insight into designing and delivering presentations tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Particularly helpful to people who need to polish their presentation skills are outlines for two 20-minute presentations; sample letters and press releases; checklists and resource list for books, supplies and items to support presentations. The author has included such topics as:

  • Analyzing the audience's needs
  • Designing exciting presentations
  • Utilizing audio-visual materials
  • Enhancing verbal communication skills
  • Managing the physical environment
  • Doing fun and effective demonstrations
  • Getting your audience involved

The post presentation review is a plus not often seen in books on public speaking. The review helps you evaluate your presentations and provides you with valuable feedback for continuing your speaking development and follow up marketing activities. In addition, there are tips for continuing connections made through your presentations and how you can make money through public speaking. The handout materials help to extend the effectiveness of your presentations.

If you still tremble when you think of making a presentation, Present Yourself Powerfully, is filled with valuable tips and guidelines to build your confidence as you polish your professionalism. If you are an experienced speaker and/or instructor, you will find the manual and kit useful classroom tools and the author's approach to public speaking both knowledgeable and refreshing.

Massage Magazine
March/April 1998
Issue #72
Present Yourself Powerfully
by Cherie Sohnen-Moe
Sohnen-Moe Associates, Inc.
Tucson, Arizona
$39.95, 77 pgs., 1996

Cherie Sohnen-Moe, award-winning lecturer and author in the field of touch therapies, has taken a novel approach to her latest book about public speaking, Present Yourself Powerfully. The framework of the book is the setting of a stage production--with Sohnen-Moe as the "producer." This is not only apropos for the subject matter, but also creates a delightful mood for delivering her information.

In Present Yourself Powerfully,, the author masterfully engages readers in developing the skills necessary to stand before a group of audience and successfully deliver their subject matter. Sohnen-Moe begins at the foundation--where fear and nervousness grip so many of us--with tips as fundamental as "wearing comfortable clothes and shoes" and "unlocking your knees" to in-depth techniques such as "tempo, transitions and articulation."

The book's sections are clear and easy to use. Highlights in print style, and graphics and illustrations further enable the book's user. Sohnen-Moe has included virtually every detail affecting the success of constructing and delivering a presentation. She offers plausible solutions and positive supports to meet and master whatever challenges or hurdles arise. Present Yourself Powerfully shows the reader a variety of techniques to use to develop new, effective skills in an interactive format.

This book contains valuable insight into audiences, the purpose of presentations, step-by-step construction of a presentation, follow-up evaluation, and the presenter. The orientation remains within the field of touch therapies; however, the material contained within is easily adaptable to other subjects.

The book is motivating, logical, instructional and helps with problem solving. Whether just starting out in your chosen profession or in the field for years, Present Yourself Powerfully promises and delivers techniques and information that will help the user "solve those problems and increase your confidence in public speaking," as Sohnen-Moe states. I highly recommend this book.

Virginia Anthony, L.M.T., NCTMB

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