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Retail Mastery Book

Retail Mastery book

Product sales are a great diversification method; the profits from the sales add an additional income stream that can defray overhead expenses. It is hazardous—physically, emotionally, and financially—to rely on your hands-on work as the sole source of your livelihood, particularly if your work requires intensity.

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Product sales adds value to your sessions, extends the benefits to the client’s home, and increases your bottom line. Product sales is a natural extension of the standard of care and healing already associated with wellness practitioners. You already have a relationship with your clients; retailing is simply another avenue of supporting your clients in their wellness.

Clients like to get products from you and appreciate the convenience of purchasing from you. They most likely get more education, service, and support with the products they buy from you than those they buy from a retail store or online. You save them time when they don’t have to make a special trip to buy an item, spend hours researching online, or wait days or weeks for it to be delivered. Most clients would rather purchase products directly from you (their trusted practitioner) than from an impersonal company.

The Retail MAstery ebook provides the information you need to successfully incorporate product sales into your practice.

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