Coaching and Consulting Services

Direction in acquiring new skills and knowledge along with support and encouragement can help you create the business you envision. Increase your success through business coaching or even a one-time consultation with Cherie Sohnen-Moe

Feeling Puzzled About Creating and Maintaining a Successful Business? Get Yourself a Coach!

Coaching provides support for you in resolving problems and provides suggestions to implement change for a more efficient, vital and flourishing business. No successful athlete would be without a personal coach to ensure victory. There is no wonder why most prosperous business owners have worked with a consultant or a mentor to advise and support them along the way.

Creating a dynamic business on your own is a challenging process. Mastering the skills needed to bring your business to the public can take a long time if you are working alone. To become as consummate in business as you are in technique requires learning an entirely different set of skills, and ongoing support is integral to achieving your goals.

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Do you feel you:

  • Are so intent on “doing it yourself” that you never get it done?
  • Don’t know how to nurture and grow your business?
  • Lack satisfaction in aspects of your work?
  • Don’t have enough clients/customers?
  • Have difficulty promoting yourself?
  • Feel stuck and don’t know how to move to the next level of your business?
  • Work very hard and earn very little?
  • Have difficulty retaining clients/customers?

Personal and Professional Coaching Programs Help You Put the Pieces Together

Benefits of Coaching Programs:

  • Increased profits through effective marketing and efficient time management
  • Clarified and completed goals and objectives within set time frames
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Established, well-constructed business plan
  • Expanded client/customer base and higher retention rate
  • Effective promotional materials (e.g., fliers, brochures), presentations, advertising, community relations and publicity
  • Accurate valuation of business assets for equitable and profitable sale of business
  • Identification and breakthrough of psychological barriers to success
  • Additional knowledge of pertinent business information and resources

Background Information

Cherie has more than 30 years of experience working with people to establish businesses that successfully reflect their individual goals and values, creating more personal time and increasing their income. Her clients include members of the massage and bodywork professions, estheticians, restauranteurs, and artists as well as businesses in the industries of education, retailing, automotive, and spas/salons.

Thanks to Sohnen-Moe Associates, Inc. for the accurate evaluation of my massage therapy practice. Because of Cherie’s availability and willingness to advise and answer questions, I marketed, negotiated, and sold my practice for much more than I realized it was worth.

Sue Baker

Massage Practitioner

I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t know what I was doing. I am more creative than business-oriented and Cherie has a way of taking ideas and putting them to work. She makes sure that I know and can justify what I am doing. There’s something zen to it. . ., she’s not a traditional business consultant. I wish I had gone to her before I had started out.
Jennifer Utken

Fit To Be Tried, Inc