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Present Yourself Powerfully

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Public speaking is one of the best ways to build your business. Present Yourself Powerfully provides information to help you give talks, workshops, and demonstrations. It is designed to take away the hassles of public speaking and as a way to dissipate fear by replacing it with a toolbox of ideas, techniques, and reproducible materials.

In addition to the technical information, this book includes a variety of checklists to encourage further exploration, connect you with companies that provide products you can sell during your presentations, support the ongoing development of your presentation skills, and assist you in remembering the little things. It also contains two 20-minute, scripted presentations, The Ten-Minute Revitalization Plan and The Power of Touch, complete with handout masters you can print, copy, and distribute to your audiences.

Table of Contents


Act I: Setting the Stage

  • Overview
  • Overcome Nervousness
  • The Public Speaking Circuit
  • Dynamic Self-Introductions
  • Successful Presentations

Act II: Planning the Production

  • Presentation Purpose
  • The Audience
  • Scipt Design
  • Refining Your Presentation
  • Audio-Visual Props
  • Set Design

Act III: Delivery

  • Verbal Communications
  • Demonstration Techniques
  • Approaching Audiences
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Building Rapport
  • It’s a Wrap!

Act IV: Post-Production

  • Three Phase Follow-Up
  • Sample Follow-Up Letters

Act V: Take Your Show on the Road

  • The Foundation
  • Production Development
  • The Marketing Plan
  • Summary

Act VI: Scripts

  • Script One: The Ten Minute Revitalization Plan
  • Script One: Handout Masters
  • Script Two: The Power of Touch
  • Script Two: Handout Masters

Act VII: Resources

  • Public Speaking Training
  • Sample Press Releases
  • On-Site Set Design Checklist
  • Books to Enhance Presentations
  • Presentation Supplies Catalog
  • Providers of Items for Resale
  • Strategic Planning Sheet
  • Post-Presentation Evaluation

Program Handout Masters

  • The Ten Minute Revitalization Plan Title Page
  • The Power of Touch Title Page
  • Benefits of Touch Therapy
  • Touch Therapy Techniques
  • How to Choose a Therapist
  • Seated Stress Release
  • Bonnie Prudden’s Two-Minute Stretch Break
  • The Shake-Down “Me”-ssage®
  • Recommended Reading
  • Action Sheet
  • Presentation Review


Other Offerings

Marketing Communications for Massage Therapists

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Marketing Communications for Massage Therapists simplifies the necessary task of taking care of business by providing professionally written examples of correspondence: emails, letters, announcements, and press releases that accommodate your needs. If we make it easier to promote and market your practice, you can spend more time doing what you love and know how to do best.

This treasury of innovative marketing ideas is available for immediate use.

Table of Contents



Types of Letters


  • Award received
  • Fee increase
  • Grand opening
  • Hours change
  • Moving Notification
  • New location
  • New name
  • New services
  • New therapist
  • Open house
  • Seminar

Cooperative Marketing: Same Service, Same Market

  • Acupuncture: approach media or do newsletter
  • Myotherapy: mailing to health care providers
  • On-site: team up to pitch businesses
  • On-site: work together at mall
  • Polarity therapy: share booth
  • Prenatal massage: combine marketing
  • Shiatsu: psychotherapist mailing for open house
  • Sports massage: join sports massage team
  • TragerWork®: joint presentation

Cooperative Marketing: Same Service, Different Market

  • All bodyworkers in town – form a response team
  • Craniosacral: health practitioners/entrepreneurs – direct mail, flyer, or presentation
  • Deep tissue: people in recovery/athletes – newsletter
  • Hellerworkers: psychologists/massage therapists – share a booth at conference
  • On-site massage: airport/newspaper staff – team up services
  • Polarity therapy: new-agers/parishioners – write articles
  • Reflexology: elderly/actors – place newspaper ad
  • Reflexology: firefighters/athletes – brochure
  • Shiatsu practitioners: create a television ad

Cooperative Marketing: Different Service, Same Market

  • Body care shop/massage therapist: product exposure at convention
  • Bookstore/stress management expert/massage therapist: workshop
  • Espresso bar/massage therapist: on-site sessions
  • Florist/massage therapist: Mother’s Day promo
  • Golf club/massage therapist: foot massage
  • Golf club/massage therapist: sign-up bonus
  • Golf course/massage therapist: tourney prize
  • Gym/massage therapist: new member discount
  • Health club/massage therapist: initiation bonus
  • Health club/massage therapist: newsletter article
  • Reflexologist/craniosacral therapist: lead share
  • Restaurant/massage therapist: coupon
  • Shoe store/reflexologist: foot care afternoon
  • Sporting goods store/shiatsu: presentation
  • Table manufacturer/massage clinic: mailing list for open house invitations
  • Travel agent/massage therapist: promo


  • Check not signed
  • Dunning letter: payment due (mail check)
  • Dunning letter: payment due (online CC payment)
  • Dunning letter: overdue payment (mail check)
  • Dunning letter: overdue payment (online CC payment)
  • Dunning letter: still overdue payment
  • Dunning letter: way overdue payment
  • Dunning letter: legal action pending
  • Payment reminder
  • Returned check
  • Returned check: another approach
  • Returned check: yet another approach
  • Underpayment


  • Annual update to prospective company
  • Complimentary demonstration, follow-up for subsequent business
  • Congratulations to raffle winner
  • Corporate follow-up
  • Corporate rejection
  • Corporate rejection offer of free demonstration
  • Expo: To person met there
  • Expo: Thanks for stopping at booth
  • Followup on first appointment
  • Initial follow-up to health care executive
  • On-site as incentive for company’s charity drive
  • Survey results
  • Thanks for support in survey
  • Trade show
  • Welcome to this office

General Correspondence

  • Anniversary
  • Apology for rudeness
  • Apology for abbreviated session
  • Apology for scheduling error
  • Apology for massage therapist no-show
  • Appreciation Day
  • Barter
  • Confirm meeting
  • Congratulations to fellow therapist
  • Copyright Permission
  • Dress code memo
  • Encourage employee apprecition day
  • Hotel marketing
  • Inviations to convention
  • Limited partnership proposal
  • Missed appointment letter 1
  • Missed appointment letter 2
  • Missed appointments (two)
  • New staff member
  • Referrals 1, Referral connection
  • Referrals 2, Referral request
  • Service organization presentation proposal
  • Welcome to town


  • Accepting a job
  • Asking for prospective contractor’s references
  • Asking for someone’s resume
  • Asking information of a reference
  • Recruiting therapists
  • Reference Request
  • Résumé Cover Letter: Clinic
  • Résumé Cover Letter: Cruise line
  • Résumé Cover Letter: Doctor
  • Résumé Cover Letter: Musician
  • Résumé Cover Letter: Salon
  • Résumé Cover Letter: Salon, recommended
  • Résumé Cover Letter: Spa/Resort


  • Interview: Print
  • Interview: Radio
  • Interview: Television
  • Press Release: Award announcement
  • Press Release: Business opening
  • Press Release: Change of address
  • Press Release: Community service event
  • Press Release: Free workshop
  • Press Release: Open house
  • Press Release: Special new service

Thank-you Letters

  • Anniversary announcement and thanks
  • Award
  • Endorsement
  • Referring a friend
  • Referring your sister
  • Support

Primary Care Correspondence

  • Encourage referrals: from therapist’s D.O.
  • Encourage referrals: N.D. already working with hypnotherapist
  • Encourage referrals: sports
  • Encourage referrals: prenatal
  • Encourage referrals: general
  • Encourage referrals: D.C. already recommends massage
  • Follow-up: previous patient progress notes
  • Follow-up to doctor who sent patients
  • Hospital-based massage
  • Introduction letter: patient in common
  • Introduction letter: potential employment
  • Introduction letter: networking
  • Introduction letter: mutual referrals
  • Introduction letter: referral network
  • Introduction letter: mutual referrals, recommended
  • Meeting follow-up
  • Network with doctor through church bulletin
  • New patient referral follow-up
  • Progress report 1
  • Progress report 2
  • Referring client to physician
  • Requesting referral from new physician
  • Response to TV commercial
  • Seminar invitation
  • Thank you for referral

Build Your Business Plan

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A business plan is an essential road map for a successful practice. Build Your Business Plan simplifies the planning, writing, and finalizing of this process. This kit is a PDF that includes a business plan outline, worksheets, and a sample massage therapy business plan to use as your guide.

  • A Business Plan checklist
  • A 68-page sample Massage Therapy Practice Business Plan
  • A fillable Business Plan outline with detailed instructions
  • A financial section that calculates totals for you!

Client Intake and Recordkeeping Forms – UPDATED 2021

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The Client Intake and Recordkeeping Forms packet contains 23 professional, clean-looking, user-friendly, ready-to-print forms for massage and bodywork practices. Updated in 2021 to include health and safety screening information and questionnaire.

Whether or not you bill insurance, you work in an era when documenting your work is essential. Documentation has become the professional standard in the community of wellness practitioners for a number of reasons.

  • Good documentation supports continuity of your clients’ care.
  • Documentation protects you and your practice should questions, legal or otherwise, ever be raised regarding your sessions.
  • Good records will streamline communication with other practitioners, a growing feature of both wellness and clinical bodywork practices.

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Client Education Handouts for Self-Care

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The Client Education Handouts for Self-Care provide step-by-step instructions to support your clients after they leave your office. With these handouts you have wonderful tools to reinforce the work you do in your sessions. These handouts will save you time and effort in sharing your expertise, and offer a structured framework for giving your clients “homework.” Many remind clients that massage can be one of the most useful supports for stress and discomfort ranging from headaches to arthritis. Clients are more likely to practice what you preach—and appreciate the results!

All 51 handouts covering 8 client education topics allow for the easy addition of your contact information to keep your name in your clients’ mind.

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