Promotionals that Bring Clients Back

In many of our articles, we give you tips for getting new clients in your door. Now let’s talk about promos for your current clients. They are probably busy, and money may be tight. But they know you and they know how great they feel after they see you. What kind of message will get their attention?

Offers and Reminders

sma-its-been-awhile-postcardA package deal is almost guaranteed to increase your bookings — buy a package of five, get the sixth treatment free.

Offering a special treat several times a year can really perk up your clients during the doldrums of any season. For an example, read our blog, “Seasonal Offers that Show You Care.

Offer a discount as a special appreciation. Give your clients a $10 or $20 discount on their birthday, or as a Thanksgiving special. Always include a message of heartfelt thanks, making sure to relay how much you value them as clients.

Sometimes all it takes is a reminder, such as the simple message, It’s been awhile.

Bookings for Your New Modality

You worked hard learning and getting certified in a new modality, and now you want to share it with your clients. How can you nudge them to try it? Whether it’s Thai massage, Reiki, or skin care, send them an offer with a message that conveys the benefits they’ll experience, like: relaxation; pain relief; or healthy, glowing skin. Here’s some ideas:

  • Give them a discount even if it’s simply $5 off.
  • Offer a multiple-service special that allows them to get their hour massage plus 1/2 hour of your new technique for an extra $15.
  • To really make a splash, offer a special gift certificate package for your new technique around the holidays. Encourage your clients to use one of the certificates in the package to treat themselves.

When your clients are on the table experiencing your new modality, remember to ask them to notice how they feel before and after. After all, you want them to take note if your new offering helps them feel as good or even better than your standard treatment.