Q & A: Why Does No One Pay Attention?

[Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.]

[Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.]

We just heard from a customer (thanks Melissa!) who told us this story. Melissa just expanded her massage business into a wellness center that offers more services, including life coaching and fitness training. But… nobody is utilizing the new services. Sound familiar? Well, folks, it can take time for people to get curious enough to spend money on something new. It can take time and — education. If their massage is keeping their stress/pain levels at bay (a good thing!), then why would they try something new? Where’s the motivation?

This gets back to thinking about the concerns of your clients. You may have the best fitness trainer around, but if the people coming through your door are over 50 and feel tired and achy most of the time, they may think they need the massage that allays their pain more than a fitness regimen. What’s more, they may think that trainers specialize in helping tri-athletes in their 30’s improve their game, which pretty much leaves them out. So you’ve got some education to do.

Where To Start

First you’ve got to think about the concerns of people who are already coming in your door. Then you’ve got to start explaining how your new services can answer those concerns. For example, let’s say many of your particular clients are people trying to balance the needs of work in the corporate world, family, and personal wellbeing. And now you are offering life coaching in addition to massage at your clinic. Your job is more than just to say that you have a brilliant life coach in your wellness center. You need to show that coaching can give people:

  • a way to assess career paths
  • guidance in setting goals
  • help managing anxiety and anger in the workplace
  • effective stress reduction techniques
  • help dealing with divorce or empty nest syndrome

Get the Message Across

Write down a list like the one above. Then share it! Put it on your website. Write up flyers and give them to clients and friends. Write an article for a newsletter you can email and/or post in your office. And make sure each practitioner in your clinic or wellness center has a business card that includes a tagline expressing the benefits of what they do for your clientele.

Do all of the above, and in addition, whenever you have an opportunity, mention your new services to your clients. If it’s something that can help them, and it probably is, you are doing them a favor to remind them it’s available. And here’s a biggie: you will need to continue to reach out with the information in several different ways before it sinks in.

Is this helpful? Anyone? Got other questions? Suggestions?