Reach New People: Compelling Reasons to Target Clients

Cherie Sohnen-Moe, author of Business Mastery recently wrote, “There are several marketing techniques that are highly effective in reaching most target markets.

  1. Public Speaking: Give presentations/demonstrations to groups where your target markets are likely to be members; hold open houses; teach classes.
  2. Network: Be active in your community; join local business and professional organizations; take classes; develop centers of influence.”

To reach new clients and to build up your business, you just can’t sit in your office checking your phone and email messages. You just can’t. And, as she says, you’ve got to TARGET your markets.

Target Markets

We’ve written about target marketing lots of times, but it really is the best thing since sliced bread. Ready to hear it again? You are going to experience more success if you target, or aim, your efforts at a specific group of people. The good news is that target marketing is relatively easy. Are most of your clients coming to see you for athletic injuries? Are you giving worksite massage to busy professionals? Do you relate well to seniors and understand their needs? If you answer yes to one of these or a similar question about another specific group, these are your target clients. To build your practice, go with what’s working for you and target your marketing to them.

Once you know who your target market is, everything changes.

For one thing, you know what centers of influence to include in your outreach. Whoa. What the heck is a “center of influence?” A center of influence is typically a professional who serves the same kind of clients as you. In my experience, it’s not just professionals who will pass on your name, but anyone who believes your work can help people in your target market. These can be friends, family members, clients, and, yes, professionals. You are marketing, actually you are target marketing, when you respectfully ask these folks to pass your name on to potential clients.