Ready for (Gift Certificate) Redemption: 4 Tips for Pleasing Newbies


GCHolidayGift_LYou’re probably selling at least a few gift certificates this month. So, give yourself a little time at the holiday to regroup and consider how you want to welcome new people into your office. This is particularly relevant if you are new to the business, but even if you’ve been in practice for years, it can be easy to become complacent. We invite you to step back and take a look at how you come across to newbies.

In our busy world, many people want more than anything else to let go of their worries and get back in touch with themselves. To do that in your office, they will need to feel safe and relaxed with you. Here’s some basic etiquette to establish trust and professionalism with new clients.

Dress professionally.

Wear clean, pressed clothing and keep jewelry simple. Brush your teeth and practice personal cleanliness and hygiene.

Make your greeting personal.

Shake peoples’ hands firmly. Use their names, asking them to repeat it right away if you forget. Your memory for names will get better if you practice.

Make your office a welcoming place where it’s easy to relax.

Keep your reception area and treatment room clean, uncluttered, simply and soothingly decorated, and free of unpleasant or conflicting odors (including scents from candles and essential oils). Check in with your clients about the environment, especially about scented products, music, and temperature.

Be as caring on the telephone as you are in person.

  1. If you can, you or one of your staff should answer the phone. Answer politely with your business name, instead of simply “hello.”
  2. When you can’t answer, have a straightforward, easy-to-understand message on your voicemail including your business name and other relevant information, such as your hours of business.
  3. Say that you return calls promptly–and then do it, within 24 hours at the outside. When you leave messages, always leave your phone number and the best time you can be reached.
  4. Whenever you return phone calls, adapt what you say to the individual caller’s concerns. Give the caller your complete attention, and don’t try to do other things while they are talking to you. Take the time to answer their questions and give a brief overview of what will happen at their appointment, especially if they have never had a your type of treatment before.

[This article is adapted from a blog originally published on the Natural Touch Marketing blog site. We are posting it here for your benefit, and with permission.]