Rebooking: Make It Easy For Your Clients

How do your clients go about rescheduling?

Massage-Therapist-ReminderKeep That Appointment Book Open

If most of your clients are over 50 like me, rebooking at the end of the session and writing it IN MY CALENDAR RIGHT NOW is the best thing ever. That’s for the practitioners I want to see regularly — the therapist who is the absolute best at reducing my pain and tension, my hair stylist, and yes, my dentist. For clients like me, having your appointment book out front and center at the end of the session is the way to go.

If, God forbid, I forgot my calendar that day, my practitioner gives me a card with a couple or three possible appointment times and, after I go home, I check and call back with my preferred time. Still easy. And if I don’t call back, then my practitioner gives me a reminder call. Which I TOTALLY appreciate.

Stay On Your Clients’ Radar

Then there are your once-in-a-while clients. They want to come in when they feel the stress building up, or before an athletic event, or on their birthdays and anniversaries.

Question: How do you make it easy for them to remember to reschedule?

Answer: Stay in contact. And that, my dears, is where you’ve got to do a little extra work (which will pay off in the end).

How To Do It

Ask your clients if they want to hear from you:

  • Do they want a reminder now and again that it’s been a while?
  • Do they want to hear about your specials and announcements?

Then ask how. (Remember it’s for their convenience, not yours.)

  • Cell phone?
  • Email?
  • Text?
  • Do they like receiving postcards or newsletters every so often?

Now — Follow Through!

Note your clients’ preferences in their records, and put time in your schedule to make phone calls, send emails or texts, and address a few postcards or newsletters.

Got other ideas for motivating clients? We would love to hear your thoughts.