Relaxation Music Resources for Your Massage Therapy Practice

iStock_000003550579Small-resized-600Becca Mandel is the Program Coordinator at the University of Arizona Center on Aging and’s original Marketing extraordinaire. Becca continues to support Massamio by stepping in and offering us a had as needed and by adding her keen insight to the client experience.

I was babysitting my 2.5-year-old nephew the other night and when it came time for bedtime I took a moment to rethink the checklist of things to do in order to maintain his nighttime routine.

Bath, brush teeth, read several books, turn off the lights, quietly exit the room and then jump over the gate and down the stairs before he hears me leave.

I thought I had executed it perfectly until loud sobs and sniffles blared through the baby monitor downstairs. As the tears kept flowing I knew that something was wrong and I had to venture back upstairs to finish the job. Immediately upon entering a silent room (other than the sobs), I realized that I had forgotten to start James Taylor on the iPod.

What was I thinking!? Shortly after correcting this error he started snoozing to the tune of ‘Fire and Rain’. This, along with an article in MASSAGE Magazine, made me start thinking about the importance of ambience, no matter what the situation.

Whether it is putting a toddler to sleep, hanging out a café, or getting a massage–the music matters. Below are a few suggestions of music to help people unwind and relax—perfect for getting a massage!

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Artful Touch
These songs are made with tempos that are in time with a resting heartbeat and deep breathing, which are also associated with bodywork therapy, yoga and meditation practice. The intention of the music is to soothe and refresh the body.

At Peace Media
Some of the most relaxing music for massage and spa treatments found anywhere.  There is an understanding of what people want in relaxation music: instrumental music that helps a body, mind and spirit relax.

David Michael & Randy Mead
Styles range from New Acoustic to World Fusion Music, primarily for Celtic harps, flutes, panflutes, zithers, guitars etc. The recordings range in moods from meditative to uptempo and have been used for relaxation, massage, yoga, and healing.

Malimba Records
Malimba Records specializes in music for the healing arts, yoga, spas, massage, and well-being. This high quality music evokes harmony, balance and rhythm in people’s lives.

Rise and Shine CD Set
These albums are composed of music created by musicians in the massage therapy profession and all of the profits will be donated to the Massage Therapy Foundation in order to support scientific research, education and community service. The Rise album includes a wide variety of musical genres including acoustic, bluegrass, and light rock. The Shine album is comprised of songs suitable for relaxation or to be played during a massage.

Soundings of the Planet
A husband and wife team decided to blend their peaceful music of flute and harp with the sounds of nature to create a more peaceful and meditative form of music that would support yoga and massage.