Resources for Reopening Your School

***updated below, as of 5-27-2020***

Many of you are in the height of preparations for reopening your schools, to the delight of many of your students. While I cannot make recommendations on whether or not to reopen, if you are planning to open soon, I hope you are managing that stress and responsibility well. I’m sure you already are, but please carefully follow the guidelines of your state’s health and education departments. And then take a look at the following helpful recommendations from the CDC and FSMTB when considering the specific environments necessary to deliver massage education.

Let me know if you find additional resources that have proven helpful and I will post them here for your colleagues. Don’t lose heart, and keep up the good work that you do!

From the CDC:

Considerations for Institutes of Higher Education

From the FSMTB:

Massage and Bodywork Guidelines for Practice with COVID-19 Considerations (PDF)

Guidance for Massage Schools starts on page 28 of this document.

From the AFMTE:

You may also want to monitor the AFMTE’s COVID-19 Resources page. There you can access their Sunday webinar series (an ongoing discussion among educators and their responses to this crisis), as well as other educator resources.

For additional resources on reopening, see our Resources for Reopening Your Practice blog post.

5-27-2020 Update: AMTA has published Important Considerations for Massage Schools