Build Your Practice

Marketing Mastery

Effective and consistent marketing is a major key to a successful career. See below for more information.

Marketing Mastery is a comprehensive marketing plan designed to take a beginning practitioner to a full practice as well as help established practitioners move to the next level (or maintain their current level). We realize that there is a lot involved here. If you are only interested in increasing your client base by a small increment, then adjust the time investment recommendations and number of activities detailed in this plan.

The Goals and Activities are divided into three sections:

  1. Practice Building Goals and Activities
  2. Maintenance Goals and Activities
  3. Specific Goals and Activities for Both Practice Building and Maintenance

The Practice Building section contains activities to foster business growth. The Maintenance division includes activities for client retention and sustaining your presence. The activities that cross over are grouped together in the Both section. The major difference for those who are just beginning is that the time investment is greater for Building. New practitioners usually need to devote substantial time in networking and establishing credibility.

For those of you who have a group practice or run a business that includes contracting with other therapists, keep in mind that, in general, the broad-based marketing activities are the same as those for a solo practitioner but the implementation is different. For example, if the goal is that you host an open house, the major differences would be that the people invited might represent a wide variety of target markets, and the “presentations” done by each practitioner would have to be limited in time to accommodate the number of practitioners.

Note: While most of the goals may be the same from year to year, you can use new ways to implement them. For instance, you may choose a different charity event, pick a different person/company for your cooperative marketing venture, or develop a totally new target market. Explore the Calendar Awareness Dates for more ideas.

We wish great joy and success!