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Freudian Slip - Use music in therapy as a way to reach children and adolescents in therapy
Inner Harmony - Musical reflection and creative engagement, healing songs and chants, instrumental music, spoken word meditations, contemplative film and photography
Inner Peace Music - Steven Halpern's Inner Peace Music for meditation, relaxation, sleep, massage, yoga, sound healing, and stress
Open Sky Music - New Age Music - Relaxation, Meditation and Reiki
Raven Recording - World beat music without a world, made for a dance without steps, for a tribe without
Serenity - A contemporary instrumental record label specializing in music for massage, reiki, relaxation, guided imagery, and guided visualization
Sonic Safari Music - World music, world beat, meditation music, yoga music, romance music, soothing music and music for
Soundings of the Planet - Instrumental new age relaxation music & nature sounds for meditation, yoga, massage,
Sugo Music Group - Innovative, customizable and complete music distribution packages to musicians around the world

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