Build Your Practice

You want to have a successful practice; we are here to help you get there.

We know thousands of practitioners, and here are the skills and traits that the successful ones have in common: client-centered, organized, professional, ethical, good communicators, responsible, creative, innovative, compassionate, informed about the trends and best practices in their industry, and committed to lifelong learning.

These are the books, marketing materials, practice-building tools, resources, and coaching services that will help you to develop those types of skills and traits that lead to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

We also know that success comes in stages

The stages listed below help you organize your information and activities in a logical way for the successful evolution of your practice!

Your initial training was critical, but it’s just the beginning. Hopefully your initial training included these foundational textbooks. If not, no worries! You can get them here. These books are designed to be used in training programs, and more importantly, to be used throughout your career.

Books are information resources, and you need to have tools that help you put that information to work. We offer a variety of tools to help you in your business planning, marketing, promotion, customer service, and communication efforts. Our resources allow you to get started right away, with little to no investment.

Essential Massage Practice Start-Up Kit

Kick-start your practice with these essentials:

  • 4-Pack of Brochures
  • 5-Pack of Gift Certificates
  • 22 Client Forms
  • 51 Self-Care Handouts
  • 150 Sample Marketing Letters

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The 5 Stages

Explore these 5 stages to gather the resources and information you need along your journey.

Search our Resource Directory for links to organizations and additional tools.

Planning and Marketing Tools

Build Your Business Plan digital kit

Marketing Communications digital kit

Free Resources: ChecklistsVideo Tips, Awareness Dates

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Generate even more success by giving presentations and selling products. Boost your confidence and self-awareness through coaching and continuing education.

Present Yourself Powerfully digital kit

Presentation Planning Kits

Retail Mastery book

Continuing Education

Coaching/Consulting Services