Student Resources

Congratulations on embarking on a new career!

Employers, educators, and successful practitioners agree: “Professionalism and business skills are the determining factors in practitioners’ success—not simply their hands-on skills.”

Our mission has always been “Your Success is Our Business!” We are pleased to offer information and products to help guide you through your educational process and support you once you are in practice.

Explore the tools below, then check out the Build Your Practice section.


Our products revolve around two main textbooks, Business Mastery and The Ethics of Touch. Over the past 3 decades, hundreds of thousands practitioners have built successful careers with these texts. Hopefully you found us because your program requires one or both of these books. If your program does not require these books, we highly recommend you buy them yourself and create your own solid foundation.

Free Student Workbooks

We have free, downloadable workbooks to accompany the above textbooks. These workbooks are in PDF format.

The workbooks include chapter summaries, the exercises from the book (plus some additional ones), major checklists, and a glossary.

Free Student Success Guide

This guide takes you through the essential steps to prepare you for success by the time you graduate. We’ve divided the school term into six segments with a checklist of goals, activities, and skills to accomplish by the time you are done with that segment of your education.

  1. Self Analysis and Information Gathering
  2. Career Analysis and Budgeting
  3. Marketing Analysis and Employment Kit
  4. Making Choices and Focus
  5. Business Planning and Marketing
  6. Communications and Implementation

The guide also includes an “After Graduation Checklist” to complete while waiting for your license.

Free Guides/Posters/Checklists

Visit our Free Resources page for links to free digital information on various topics for marketing, planning, and specific wellness care. Here’s a highlight of what you can find:

  • Business Planning and Communication Checklists
  • Branding Your Practice Guide
  • Insurance Billing Guide
  • Self-Care Guide
  • Essential Oils Guide
  • Social Media Guides
  • Massage and Reflexology Posters
  • Sexual Assault Prevention Guidelines

Links for Further Exploration:  YouTube Channel  |  Blog Articles

Also, check out the Study Skills section in our  Resource Directory