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Explore the tools below. Then, for more ideas and resources to share with your student visit the Build Your Practice section.

Free Student Workbooks

These workbooks are in PDF format and include chapter summaries, the exercises from the book (plus some additional ones), major checklists, and a glossary. If you already have access to the Teacher’s Library, the Workbooks are also available there.

Free Student Success Guide

This guide takes your students through the essential steps to prepare for success by the time they graduate. We’ve divided the school term into six segments with a checklist of goals, activities, and skills to accomplish by the time they are done with that segment of their education.

  1. Self Analysis and Information Gathering
  2. Career Analysis and Budgeting
  3. Marketing Analysis and Employment Kit
  4. Making Choices and Focus
  5. Business Planning and Marketing
  6. Communications and Implementation

The guide also includes an “After Graduation Checklist” to complete while students wait for their licenses. If you already have access to the Teacher’s Library, this guide is also available there.

Free Guides/Posters/Checklists

Visit our Free Resources page for links to free digital information on various topics for marketing, planning, and specific wellness care. Here’s a highlight of what you can find:

  • Business Planning and Communication Checklists
  • Branding Your Practice Guide
  • Insurance Billing Guide
  • Self-Care Guide
  • Essential Oils Guide
  • Social Media Guides
  • Massage and Reflexology Posters

Sexual Assault Prevention Guidelines – 2022 edition

These sexual assault prevention guidelines provide a roadmap for franchisors, franchisees, day spas, and massage clinics to: maximize the safety of both clients and therapists; and minimize the risk of sexual assault. Additionally, if you are a massage therapist looking for a job in a massage clinic or spa, or a client looking for the safest spa to go to for a massage, these guidelines will give you the knowledge to help you decide which type of business to work with.

In this guide, Dr. Ben Benjamin shares detailed instructions for:

  • Verbal Interviews
  • Practical Interviews
  • Internet Searches
  • Sexual Misconduct Statements
  • Sample Zero Tolerance Meeting Agendas
  • Surveys
  • Supervision
  • Client Brochures
  • Complaint Processes
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • plus, Additional Resources

Teaching Tips

2021-06Interacting with Your Learners
2021-04Tip for Programs who Prep Students for the MBLEx
2021-03Consider A Pre-Program Assessment
2021-02Student Writing Catastrophes
2021-01Ethics Activity: Social Justice
2020-12Career Planning and Goals
2020-11Fast Track Your Mentoring Opportunities
2020-10Who's Prepared for Class
2020-09Mental Health Support
2020-08Lecturing on Zoom
2020-07Returning to the Classroom
2020-06Address the Civil Unrest
2020-05Virtual Classroom Activity: Making a Policy Adjustment or Addendum
2020-04Tips and Resources for Putting Courses Online
2020-03Lessons on Goal Setting and Achievement
2020-02Teach Your Students to Think About Thinking
2020-01Business Class Activity: Who Am I?
2019-12Improve Attendance with Unpredictability
2019-11Collaboration is Professional Development
2019-10Lecture Last
2019-09Ethics Class Activity: Risk Analysis
2019-08Tips for Dealing with Test Anxiety
2019-07Useful Tips for Students with Hearing Challenges
2019-06Tips for Teachers of Dyslexic Students
2019-05Teaching Visually Impaired Students? Some Tips!
2019-04Using Workbooks
2019-03Business Class Activity: 86,400 Seconds in a Day or $86,400 to Spend
2019-02Stop Doing This Discussion Technique!
2019-01New Year Reset
2018-12Tips for Writing Great Test Questions
2018-11Active Learning Techniques
2018-10Students with Documented Disabilities
2018-09Use Old Fashioned Worksheets in Class
2018-08Talking About the Therapeutic Environment
2018-07Teaching Effective Communication
2018-06Improving Critical Thinking Skills
2018-05Tips to Improve Attendance
2018-04Communication Class Activity: Emotional Growth
2018-03Back to School Tips for Adult Students
2018-02Student Classroom Behavior
2018-01Do Your Use Powerpoint?
2017-12Discussing Current Events
2017-11Rubrics - A Quick Overview
2017-10Marketing Class Activity: Identify Your Ideal Client
2017-09Give Your Students Instruction on How to Positively Affect the Learning Environment
2017-08The Value of Teaching Charting
2017-07The End of Class is Just as Important as the Beginning
2017-06Marketing Class Activity: Creating and Collecting Student Business Cards Digitally
2017-05Change the Listener, Change the Discussion
2017-04Creating Instructional Videos
2017-03Virtual Guest Speakers
2017-02Brainstorming Review
2017-01Prepare for Learning Success in the New Year
2016-12Teach Teachers How To Create Magic
2016-11Have a struggling student? Send them an invitation!
2016-10The Learning Styles Controversy
2016-09Teach Your Students to Think About Thinking
2016-08Challenge Your Students to Learn More
2016-07Getting Students to Read
2016-06Utilizing Digital Books to Assist in Curriculum
2016-05Tip - Slow Down
2016-04Be Strictly Flexible
2016-03Tips to Encourage Memory Retrieval
2016-02Background Knowledge Poll
2015-12Test-Taking Tips for Students
2015-11Exam Security and Mixed-Seating Testing
2015-10Learning Disabilities Awareness Month
2015-09Tips for Reaching Gen Y Students
2015-08Use Textbook Treasure Hunts to get Students to Read their Textbooks
2015-07Prepare Your Students for the Real World
2015-06Preparing Students for MBLEx (Summary)
2015-05Make the First Day of Class Count
2015-04Managing Disruptive Behaviors
2015-03Attention-Grabbing Presentations
2015-02Engage All of the Senses
2015-01Using Blogs to Enhance Classroom Learning
2014-12Holiday Spirit and Paying it Forward
2014-10Taking Attendance
2014-09Measuring Student Learning
2014-08The Technology Gap
2014-07The One Who Does the Teaching, Does the Learning…
2014-06Avoid Copyright Issues by Taking Your Own Photos
2014-05Taking Notes by Hand Benefits Recall, Researchers Find
2014-04Countdown for Activities
2014-03Walk Your Ethical Talk
2014-02Amish Barn Building
2013-12Foster Feedback Between Students
2013-11Holiday De-stress
2013-10Designing Sides to Match Multiple Intelligences
2013-09Reward Desired Learning
2013-08The Technology Gap
2013-07Social Media Platforms
2013-06Dynamic Discussions
2013-05Schwartz's "One Minute Paper"
2013-04Integrate Material
2013-03Building Feedback Into Your Course
2013-02Gaining Clarity
2013-01Getting Feedback on Confusing or Controversial Topics
2012-12Holiday Spirit
2012-10Encourage Students to do Assigned Reading
2012-09Capturing Online Photos
2012-08The R2 A2 of Effectiveness
2012-07Use Social Media to Improve Students' Job Prospects
2012-06Make Sure Your Slides are Visible
2012-05Copyright Etiquette
2012-04Online Courses
2012-02List Randomizer
2012-01Getting Immediate Student Feedback the Plus/Delta Way
2011-12Measuring Student Learning
2011-11Business Course Tips
2011-10The Joys of Wordle
2011-09Relate Class Information to Reality
2011-08Encourage Student Involvement with Class
2011-06Students Plan Their Individual Business
2011-05Improve Online Class Feedback
2011-04Class Material Relevancy
2011-02Avoiding PowerPoint Doldrums
2011-01Feng Shui and PowerPoint
2010-09Tips for Discussing Trauma Issues in the Classroom
2010-03Online Learning
2009-09For What Kinds of Communication is Email Good?
2009-06Enhance Communication Skills
2009-03Encourage Participation in Discussions
2008-06Key Business Class Activities
2008-03Creating a Safe Space
2007-09Business Course Preparation
2007-06Accelerated Learning Tips
2007-03Critical Thinking Chart
2006-09Focusing Techniques
2006-06Newsletter Resources, Advice and Tips
2006-03Demonstration Tips
2005-09Evaluating an Answering Service
2005-06Computer Savvy Tips
2005-03Getting to Know You
2004-09Seasonal Cheer Tips
2004-06Summer Motivation
2004-03Website Marketing
2003-12Closing a Class
2003-09Classroom Celebration
2003-06Classroom Confidentiality
2002-06Creative Classroom
2002-03Avoid Class Conflict
2001-12Adding value to your teaching (from Laural J. Freeman)
2001-06Peak Learning Moment
2001-03Game Criteria
2000-03Knowledge Retention, part 3
1999-09Knowledge Retention, part 2
1999-03Knowledge Retention, part 1
1998-06Themes for a Classroom
1998-03Investing Students
1997-06Fun and Games, part 3
1997-03Fun and Games, part 2
1996-12Teacher Impact
1996-03Group Activities
1995-06Fun and Games, part 1

Start-Up Kit Poster for Your Student Lounge or Library

You can also directly print this poster (displaying our discount code) and hang it in your student lounge, bookstore, or any other appropriate area for students and graduates.

The Essential Massage Practice Start-Up Kit makes a great graduation gift. Please contact us if you are interested in buying them in bulk for your students. We do offer volume discounts for schools.

A charting resource for your school or clinic, from our friend Diana L. Thompson

The educator’s edge: Hands Heal Electronic Health Record

As the only online charting system designed just for schools, Hands Heal EHR meets the unique needs for teaching charting and managing student clinics.

Teachers, students, and administrators can log in from their computer, tablet, or smartphone to the web-based system. Instructional prompts help reinforce charting lessons for students. Teachers can communicate securely with students, and clients can even log in and give feedback.

Curriculum support is available at no extra charge from founder and charting expert, Diana L. Thompson.

One monthly fee covers unlimited faculty and students.

To learn more, visit

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