Resources for Educators

Considering Adoption?

We know it is difficult to find the time in a finite program to teach all of the soft skills that practitioners need. Some schools have the luxury of teaching stand-alone courses while others have to integrate this material throughout their hands-on and foundations courses.

That’s why Business Mastery and The Ethics of Touch provide comprehensive business, communication, professionalism, and ethics education that’s designed to start in the classroom and continue throughout your graduates’ careers.

We all know your students will need this information at some point in their future practices, why not give them the foundation they deserve?

In addition to the textbooks, we offer extensive ancillary materials. Call us and talk to a real educator who has years of experience creating and delivering curriculum. We are happy to discuss the unique needs of your program and give you temporary access to our teacher’s libraries to review all of our materials.

And for those schools who purchase books in bulk for your students, we offer unmatched wholesale discounts. We look forward to talking to you about it!

Massage and bodywork programs, please note: Business Mastery and The Ethics of Touch are used as reference texts for the MBLEx. More than 30% of the MBLEx focuses on the Guidelines for Professional Practice, and the Ethics, Boundaries, Laws and Regulations categories. If your students need to take this licensing exam, our textbooks are immediately valuable resources.