Retail 101: Revisiting the Basics of Selling Massage Therapy Products

Even though every massage therapy professional and business owner has their time scheduled to the max you need to revisit all the opportunities available for selling products to your clients. These extra items can add to the bottom line in a significant way and potentially promote your business with referrals.

shutterstock_145854866There are few new items, except in tech and I’ll address that at the end, in marketing retail products. The basics still work – quality, engagement and value.

The minute the customer steps into your office or business you have an opportunity to sell your retail items. A display shelf, table with handout or the empty boxes that offer wonderful information about a product are necessary to pique the interest of the customer.

If the customer has to wait a minute or two then the warmed aromatherapy NeckEase can be placed around their neck. They will enjoy the wait while you change the sheets, reset the music, gather tools and equipment. Plus with the moist heat therapy the neck muscles will loosen and relax, maybe even the shoulders will drop – making your job easier.
ln productIf your clients are sitting and waiting, for whatever reason, make sure to have handouts or product literature with explanations about the products your selling. Many questions the customer may have can be answered if a clear explanation is available to review and look over.

Determine level of interest the customer may have in a product and offer to place them on a list for future orders. As you accumulate your list, you may have an opportunity to order at a wholesale rate based on the quantity of orders, increasing your profit margin. There is always the option to ask for a deposit in order to place orders with merchants. In either case the idea for home self-care, gift giving and relaxation will always be an avenue to gather participation. Special holiday promotions for advance planning will always encourage signing up for that unique gift idea.

Once your client is in the treatment room then its the “holy grail” of retailing. If your customers experience a product during professional sessions then they will ask about that product. If they ask about the product, then the hard part of selling is done.

There is always the option to consider purchasing at a quantity rate from a merchant and give the items to your long-term customer for their loyalty. Nothing says come back like “I appreciate you” and value you as my customer. If it is a product they like and have had good experience with or purchased before then that exposure outside your business has potential new sales from new customers.

In case the idea of social media and cell phone marketing irritates you or just does not interest you then get the kids involved. Your kids, grand-kids, niece, nephew, softball team ,etc. Have a specific plan of what you want to accomplish. Increase number of likes on FB, establish and promote a unique #hashtag, a way to sign up potential or actual sales on cell phone (paperless), your list of interest for a quantity order (paperless) or start a new social media account.

If you have a local tech high school, community college or tech non-profits there may be some students who want to participate in sales and marketing techniques for practice or credits.

No matter how you accomplish the selling of products in your business the increase to your bottom line will make it a valuable tool to your success.

pam_stuckeyThis guest post was written by Pam Stuckey, a partner in an ecommerce business in the spa and salon field. After college a career in Human Resources, then a unique marketing experience in Mexico and internet, trade show exhibits selling BodySense Aromatherapy.