The new year is quickly approaching. Many of you are most likely still in the holiday thrall and celebrating with family and friends. This is a great time to reflect over the past year and create a vision for the new year.

I recommend you start by reviewing the goals you set for the current year and note which ones are still in process. Allow yourself some time to reflect on all that you did accomplish and how you feel about yourself and your profession. The next phase is to set your vision for the new year.  Some of my favorite activities to do to prepare for the new year are to fill out the Wheel of Life form and create a collage. (By the way, a powerful and fun way to set the tone for the new year is to spend the day doing these activities together with friends and colleagues.)

After you’ve let your heart guide you as to what you want to see take place, then engage your brain to develop a plan to reach these goals. Write out your purpose, priorities, and goals for the new year. Create strategic plans for the big goals that require many small steps.

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  1. Reflect on your accomplishments.
  2. Set your New Year’s vision.
  3. Create a plan—write out your purpose, priorities, and goals.
  4. Remember to include personal as well as business goals.

Remember, although your business/career might be foremost in your thoughts, it’s important to include all aspects of your life when setting your goals.

Balance is key to success.

Happy New Year! ~Cherie