Seal the Deal with a New Client: a thank you note sample

We’re bringing back the Thank You/Welcome Note discussion this week because we continue to be awestruck by examples of amazing customer service. Below is a thank you note from a mother and her son’s recent visit to the dentist. Don’t tell us that getting a handwritten note like this wouldn’t seal the deal for you.

Dear [The Boy] and Family,

Thank you for choosing our practice. It was a pleasure meeting [The Boy] and [The Mother] the other day. For his first dental exam, [The Boy] did just fine and I was pleased to see that he had no “sugar bugs” (cavities). Keep up the good work!

As we discussed, we will continue to monitor any noted stained areas and assess his developing bite in relation to any pacifier habit that might still be present.

Keep up the good brushing and if you have any questions regarding our recommendations, please let us know. Thank you for working with us to provide [The Boy] with quality and caring dental care. We look forward to seeing [The Boy] at his next visit.

Sincerely,  [The Dentist]

Let’s break it down for you:

  1. Thank you. It’s a thank you note. He’s thanking them. Even if the notecard says “thank you” on the front.
  2. Positive re-enforcement. Acknowledgment that an effort was made and good stuff happened.
  3. Reminder. Notes have been made of potential problems. The dentist will remember to check for them next time.
  4. Invitation for clarification. It’s okay to call with questions.
  5. Thanks again.

What a thank you or welcome note does is cement the rapport you established with your new client. It shows them that you listened, you will remember, and you care. And that you appreciate their business. Now, granted this is a fairly long, detailed handwritten note. And we’re pretty sure that this dentist likely has a staff member dedicated to nagging him about writing thank you notes to all new patients and their families. But clearly, the practice places a priority on building relationships with their clients. This thank you note demonstrates that commitment. This mother found herself wishing she didn’t have to wait six months before their next dental visit. Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if your clients felt the same way?

Here’s a sample based on the same formula for you:

Dear [Lovely Client],

Thank you for choosing to visit [my practice]. It was great to meet you and hear about your plans for lifestyle improvement over the next few months. You’ve inspired me with your goal to do more things for your own health.

Let’s continue to keep an eye on those “catches” in your left hamstring and calf. I think if you keep up on those stretches we talked about, you’ll find our next session significantly more productive.

If you have any questions, absolutely give me a call or an email.

Thanks again,  [You]

Yes, it takes time. But you get a happy, impressed client out of it. Nice, eh?