You know what concerns people at the winter holidays — stress and shopping. So you reach out to them with specials and gift certificate promotions, reminding them that you can help with real solutions. But what about the rest of the year? To keep it fresh, try continuing this approach all year long. Whether it’s midwinter, spring, or summer, create a welcoming reminder message and maybe a matching office theme that gets people’s attention, and brings them in to take better care of themselves.

When It’s Cold Out There

A while back we suggested sending a postcard or email message to offer your services in a warm package for chilly clientele. Lots of you followed through, and we got reports like this one from a massage therapist in Massachusetts.

I sent out Mini-Vacation postcards. Then I put up a shower curtain with a beach scene for one window, another shower curtain with shells for the other windows. I brought in a beach chair and umbrella and hung pictures I brought home from Hawaii. I put a beach towel over the blanket for the table and played ocean surf and Hawaiian music. I put warm stones in their hands and one under their occiput. When it is 10 degrees outside, this looks and feels great! My clients loved it.

Our Winter Retreat postcard is a good choice for this kind of theme. If you don’t do hot stone massage, maybe you can offer a warming spa treatment, such as a footbath for a special add-on treat. If you use aromatherapy, research what essential oils increase circulation, and blend one or more into your massage oil or lotion. Or put hot packs and fuzzy booties on your clients and diffuse cedar or pine essential oil into the air for a cozy and wintry feel.

Rejuvenate in Spring

For spring, emphasize rebirth and rejuvenation. Offer a facial treatment to rejuvenate a dry, tired complexion. Use essential oils like lemon or peppermint to refresh the air. Bring flowers in, and play music like Appalachian Spring, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (the spring segment, of course!), or folk music, such as traditional American or English fiddle tunes. If you want to keep the mood quiet and subdued, try playing CDs of bird song, running water, and other nature sounds.

Relax in Summer, De-Stress in the Fall

Once you get your creativity flowing, you’ll be ready to create something special for summer vacation and back-to-school themes. And let your clients know you’ve gone the extra mile in your client newsletter or promotional mailings. Remember, those special themes and tempting offers are just one more way to extend your care beyond your office walls.

What about you? We would love to hear your fun ideas for seasonal enticements! Add them in the comments below…

[This article is adapted from a blog originally published on the Natural Touch Marketing blog site. We are posting it here for your benefit, and with permission.]

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