7 Last-Minute Marketing Strategies for the Holidays

sma-holiday-blog-hourglassDo you feel the clock running down? Our staff sat down and came up with some get-them-out-quick ideas for promoting your holiday gift certificates and services at the last minute.

The Quick

Even if you only have a few minutes, there are still effective ways to promote your holiday gift certificate sales.

  1. Send an email to your clients. It really takes only minutes to create an engaging personal message that will also promote your services. Add a picture of the gift certificates you have for sale.
  2. Post one or more “Gift Certificates Available” posters. Display one with samples of gift certificates in your office, or post one at another business where your clients go. Don’t forget to add your contact information!

The Easy

Keep it simple with one or more of the following.

  1. Put a basket of sample gift certificates at your desk and in your treatment room. While clients are paying for or preparing for their session, they are likely to pick one up, look at it, and remember that they still don’t have a gift for Aunt Mary.
  2. Print out a simple newsletter or flyer that includes a promotion for gift certificate sales or a holiday special. Place a stack of these in your office, the corner coffee shop, or the local gym.
  3. You could order some postcards, and handwrite a special for the holidays (or for January) on the back. Keep it simple with a message such as, “Happy Holiday! Here’s $10 to use for your next session.” Add an expiration date (or a book-by date) if you like. When clients come in for their session this month, make sure you give them one or more.

Plan C—The Postponed

Too swamped to do anything at all in the next couple of weeks? Then try one of the following tools when you have a chance to breathe.

  1. Late holiday greetings. You can always send an email or greeting card soon after Christmas with a discount offer and “My Gift To You” message.
  2. New Year’s mailing. Plan a mailing to go out around the New Year with a special message focused on making wellness a part of this year’s resolutions. This will give you time and help your message stand out from the crowd.

What about you? Got any last-minute marketing tips to share?