I read a very interesting article by Simon Yisrael Feuerman titled, Final Lesson: You Don’t Get an A for Just Showing Up. While this article is written for educators, it’s applicable for practitioners. Feuerman states,

You do not get an A in life for just showing up and complying or even for cooperating. You get an A for adding to the experience, for giving, for risking, for showing enthusiasm, for adding life.

The same is true for business. Successful practitioners take action. They look for ways to increase their marketing effectiveness. They invest in continuing education to hone their skills. They look for ways to exceed their clients’ expectations. They use high-quality products and equipment. They provide consistent, excellent customer service. They are present with their clients. They take a client-centered approach to all aspects of their practices.

Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the “just showing up” mentality—particularly if you work for a company. Yet, in the long run, this attitude will damage your career and your work won’t be very fulfilling.

Think about the ways you “just show up” and create a plan to transform those actions. Find ways to add zest to your life and practice.