Skip the Postage: 4 Other Ways to Use Postcards

sma-blog-hibiscus-postcardThe ultra-cool thing about an eye-popping postcard, whether received in the mail or in person, is that it makes a quick, flashy impact. If you keep your message brief, it can be taken in and digested before the postcard is put aside. But mail is expensive. Well, relatively expensive. Mailing a postcard is still only $0.34, so if you’re sending 20 or even 50 cards, it’s pretty cheap. Postage for 50 postcards is less than 20 bucks. However, we thought it would be a good idea to share some ways to use those pretty postcards without mailing them. Here’s what we came up with…


Give them to clients with new or seasonal information like summer hours, holiday specials, and offerings of new modalities.


Pass them out at presentations or reward regular clients with a gift of appreciation. You could even hand write these for a personal touch.

Mail-back Cards

Put your address on them and leave them at networking meetings, athletic events, and health fairs for people to send back questions or requests.

Send new clients home with an addressed card that features a checklist they can mark to let you know how the session worked out for them.

Take-away Cards

Artists use them for gallery openings. The artist’s contact information is printed on them, and attendees can take one if they want. Put a stack in your office or in gyms, assisted-living facilities, community centers, or doctor’s offices (with permission, of course). Add your contact information, plus (at least) one of the following:

  • Your Menu
  • An Invitation to Visit Your Website (for online scheduling, to sign up for your newsletter, or for self-care information)
  • An Announcement of Your Facebook Account

Please share your ideas below…