Mailing flyers or cards is still one of the most effective ways to reach your clients. People really do pay more attention to an attractive wellness postcard than they do to their overloaded email inbox. Besides which, emails are super easy to delete.

Target Your Mailings

Considering mailing a promotion to all your clients may feel overwhelming — and be unnecessary. Here’s the trick. You don’t have to mail promotionals to all your clients all the time. Instead, target your mailings to the clients who want to hear it.

You may wonder why should you spend money and effort sending mailings to people who already know and like your work?

One, because targeting mailings encourages your regular customers to come in a little more often.

Two, it makes clients feel welcome and valued (which will hopefully encourage them to visit regularly).

Three, a targeted mailing reminds people that you are ready and available to be part of their healthy life.

Here are three targeted mailing suggestions:

  1. ntmthumb_goodhealthSend a postcard with a special offer to just your regulars. Regular clients are the most likely to respond to a good offer. Experiment with messages, and keep track to see what generates the best response.
  2. Stay in your clients’ thoughts with special greetings. ntmthumb_happybdaySend birthday greetings, or tell them “it’s been a while,” and you’d like to see them again soon. Send new clients “Welcome” postcards. We all love mail that isn’t a bill. And any reminder of the excellent services you offer gives them another reason to smile. A note: It’s never a bad idea to include some sort of “call to action” in all your customer correspondence. There is nothing wrong with telling clients you hope to hear from them soon. And don’t forget to add your contact information on everything you send out or hand to people.
  3. ntmthumb_thanksReward your referrals! 70% of people in the U.S. are significantly more inclined to buy a product or service when family or a friend has referred it to them. Each client who recommends you is giving you the best advertising you could hope for. My therapist sends me a “$5 off” postcard every time someone on her table mentions my name. I love her work, but the icing on the cake is that $5 coupon — it’s like two prizes in one. And you can bet I call that week to make an appointment. Before you begin rewarding referrals, check with your state laws. It’s actually illegal in some states to financially reward people who refer. In that case, send a simple thank you postcard or host a Client Appreciation Night once a year.

Stay in Touch with Your Regulars

In-Touch-Botanical-eCardWhatever approach you take, I strongly encourage you to at least contact your regular customers. They make up a large portion of your business and are likely your most devoted fans. If you want to see if targeting mailing works, test it. Take a few minutes and put together an offer or an “it’s been awhile” message. Then mail it to ten clients. Chart to whom you sent each message and what kind of response you received.