Something Your Clients Always Want to Hear

What do thank you notes do for your marketing? How should you write one, anyway?

Cindy asks:

“I have a question about Thank You cards. I am trying to build my new massage practice and I would like to send Thank You cards to my new clients, but don’t know how to word it.

Thank you so much,


I love thank you cards. Cards, postcards, notes, whatever. They are a great way to show clients your dedication to their health and willingness to go the extra mile. They also may be the only handwritten notes your clients get all month. Don’t tell me there isn’t a good vibe pay-off there.

A simple formula to follow:

  1. “Be yourself.”

Cheeseball, I know. But you need to concentrate on being your professional self when writing your message.

  1. Keep it simple.

Short sentences. Minimal fluff. You want them to read past the words “thank you.”

  1. Remind them.

Remind them of the work you did for them. Remind them you listened and responded to their needs. Remind them of how good/relaxed/flexible they feel now. Remind them that you helped.

  1. Invite them to book again.

You can be obvious: “Call or email to book another session.” Or you can be laid back: “I’m looking forward to seeing you again.”

  1. Include contact information.

Always include it. Either in the note or enclose a business card.

  1. Give them something.

A thank you note is a good time to give — whether it’s a stretching info sheet or a coupon for an add-on service.

“Dear [Nice Client] —

Thank you for coming in to see me. Hopefully we got your [neck loosened up] in time for your [vacation]. If you’d like a reminder of all those stretches we talked about, send me an email. I’ll send you back a [stretching handout].

I can’t remember if I mentioned I work late on Mondays and Wednesdays. If later times work best for you, call as soon as you feel you need more work. Those times fill up quickly.

See you soon,