Specialized Brochures Turn On the Light

Have you checked out our specialized brochures? Take our Fibromyalgia and Massage brochure. It simply, but specifically, explains how massage relieves pain and stress, and improves sleep and breathing — which further reduces pain and discomfort.

Are people aware of this? People, for instance, who come through your waiting room, walk by your office, or visit your network of referring healthcare practitioners? Do they know that massage and bodywork can significantly improve the lives of people coping with this disorder? Does your circle of doctors/chiropractors/yoga instructors themselves know how much you can help their patients/clients/students?

Turning On the Light

This is what a well-done, professional brochure can do. It can turn the light on in the minds of clients, potential clients, and professionals. It’s not that all the clients coming through your office will have fibromyalgia. But even if they don’t, it’s likely they know someone who does.

Maybe you don’t have a desire to work on folks with fibromyalgia. Maybe you’re more interested in injury treatment, reducing arthritis pain in elderly clients, or helping to reduce common back pain. The same argument holds.

Getting Specific

A well-produced brochure that is targeted to particular clients helps people make the connection that massage, more than a feel-good, pampering experience, can actually address their issues for the better. Not that I’m putting down feel-good massage. I think most of us in the industry know that relaxation in itself may bring the most benefit. However, people walking around with the pain and stress of living with a condition like fibromyalgia sometimes need to hear that a technique can help them in particular.

Do you use brochures for specific conditions? Why or why not? I would love to get your opinions here.